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Alchemical Eggs [1.0.5]

This addon will allow you to learn the capabilities of alchemy. To do this You must perform the ritual of sacrifice and acquisitions. Once You manage to become an alchemist, You gain several new abilities. For example, can seal mobs in eggs, but before you do, find out more about the energy of the Sun and the moon. Presented the Supplement, really, exciting, it will make the usual survival in the world of Minecraft much more interesting.

Spleef (Auto Reset) [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Spleef is a fun multiplayer mini-game in the universe of Minecraft. You will receive only one tool - a shovel, where you will have to dig the earth under the opponents feet so they fall down. Try to be the one who will be able to stay on the platform. Presented here is the first card splits that automatically recovers from the action of the command unit. It is very convenient as You can start new game without any difficulty.

The Minigames [1.0.5] [Mini game]

The command block is gaining popularity. This time You have the opportunity to experience several different mini-games that work thanks to this amazing new subject. Here You will find the air track with letroy, three different levels of parkour, and much more. This map shows in practice the possibility of the command unit. And while creation is in progress, you may encounter some errors. In a future update they will be fixed, and the Creator will try to have more interesting mini-games.

ChatHider [1.0.5]

This addition will be useful to anyone who uses command blocks. The fact that each command appears in chat and when a player uses repeated actions, everything is literally clogged with unnecessary text. It's a shame, because with so much spam it's impossible to communicate properly with people. But You do not worry, the developer had the idea to create a special addon that hides in the chat command text. Also there is a special command: /gamerule commandblockoutput false .

Simple Command Mansion [1.0.5] [Redstone]

This structure includes five different simple mechanisms that you can study in detail and to recreate in your own world of Minecraft. Each diagram is not complete without a command block. Find out more about this amazing object in the map. You will learn to control the weather, you will feel yourself in the Elevator, take a ride on the railway, which has no end, and much more.

Mine-Taxi [1.0.5]

Presents addon will replace two of the usual mobs in a taxi. One of the cars is special - he can float in the air, and the other just goes on the ground. Addition will please those who love flying vehicles. Also represented the soaring taxi is very similar to that which was shown in the movie "the Fifth element". The disadvantage of this addon is that all the traffic is designed for only one person - the driver. That is, taxis can't carry passengers.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Today 14.03.17 came the next version of Minecraft Pocket Edition where added command blocks that we've all been waiting for. Recall that the command block is a block that allows you to perform complex sequence of commands after receiving a signal of Redstone. Command blocks are an integral part of the most popular maps and mini-games, and this means that PE has reached a new level and became almost on a par with the desktop version of the game.

in Addition, the game added a few commands (/title, /stopsound, /playsound, /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /me, /replaceitem, /spreadplayers, /testfor, /gamerule, /particle) as well as fixed many bugs with past versions of the game

minecraft-pocke-tedition1.0.5.0-official.apk - the official version
minecraft-pocket-edition- - unlocked all paid skins and textures
minecraft-pocket-edition- - the version for intel

Skyfall [1.0.5] [PVP]

Skyfall - map created for Pvp battles. There may occur a truly incredible celestial battles. You will receive arms and wings to float in the air and shoot down enemies. Try to remain the only survivor on the stage. It will be difficult, because You have to survive and get resources, and the only way to the Islands is flight.

Lucky Blocks (Demo) [1.0.5] [Redstone]

On this map You will see a Redstone mechanism that replaces the sponge on the Lucky Block having the corresponding unique functions. There are many mods and additions that introduce Lucky Block in the usual Minecraft world, but this is the first demonstration of how a Lucky Block you can get in the game without any modifications. Only submitted item will only work on a certain place.

10 Command Block Creations [1.0.5] [Redstone]

The command block can be used to execute text-based commands. In the map shown 10 mechanisms that demonstrate in practice the possibilities of the new subject. Explore a variety of Redstone schemes, perfectly working using the command block. The Creator hopes that this presentation will give You many ideas to create something unusual in his own world.

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