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Ekza’s Terrain Overhaul [1.0.5] [CTM]

Here is a huge island with custom to the familiar world of Minecraft landscape. It includes a variety of biomes and looks very natural. This creation was built by the Creator Ekza within two months. But there is one problem - the island is located in a flat world and the ocean is restricted to two blocks in height.

Adventure++ [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Here is a good map that includes many different mini-games. Most of them require at least two participants, therefore, the author advises to set the world in multiplayer mode. You will find more than 20 mini-games for every taste, from Pvp battles in the arena to water racing boats. With this card You will have a great time and You're left with a vivid impression.

Reverse Dropper PE [1.0.5] [Dropper]

Reverse Dropper is similar to the usual dropper maps, except that here You are going to go up, not down. This unusual idea has become possible due to the effect of levitation. In new condition, really fun to play. Most importantly, we must not forget where to look. The map includes a total of four different levels. Share your successes with us in the comments.

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Bows and Arrows Challenge [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Here You will have to show all their skills of archery. This map includes 10 different levels of medium difficulty. If You manage to pass them all, then at the end You will be a surprise. Read more about the campaign You can learn personally from the Creator. The link to his page below. We wish you much success!

The Evil Z-cientist [1.0.5] [Adventure]

Evil zombie scientist accused of kidnapping the villagers. It turns out he spent a terrible scientific experiment, where he tried to turn people into the walking dead. Clearly, the act of the scientist should be deprived of life. From his hand killed one resident. You have to understand this complicated case. But be careful, You may become the next victim of a mad genius. Here are the map with a fairly short storyline. It uses the new features that were introduced in 1.0.5 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Dragon Block Frieza [1.0.5]

Frieze is a representative of one of the most mysterious of the races, referred to in the famous manga series "Dragon Ball". Nameless was incredibly powerful and ruthless, they could only bring evil and destruction. Perhaps that is why they are called Cold demons. Presents addon introduces some creatures from the manga in the familiar world of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Animation Maker Machine [1.0.5] [Redstone]

Here is a very cool creation that can be used to create your own animations in Minecraft. On the map well illustrated how the mechanism works, and that means You will be able to study the design and recreate it in your own world. If You have no desire to make up the animation, view two of the finished work, which is perfectly functional and pleasing to the eye.

SkyWars [1.0.5] [PVP]

SkyWars - multi card, which combines "Skyblock" and PVP. After all the players will appear in different Islands will begin the harsh survival. Try to find as many useful resources and defeat opponents. The territory of the arena is limited, it includes eight small Islands and one large. On the main huge floating platform kept the best things, so it's better if You get there first and give it all.

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TARDIS PE [1.0.5] [Creative]

This card is bound to try every fan of the movie "Doctor Who". Here You really will be able to enter the TARDIS and explore a variety of mysterious spaces. There are some things that could be improved. For example, a custom texture. Of course, with the usual all everything looks good, but a little imagination does not hurt.

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