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ChatHider [1.0.5]

This addition will be useful to anyone who uses command blocks. The fact that each command appears in chat and when a player uses repeated actions, everything is literally clogged with unnecessary text. It's a shame, because with so much spam it's impossible to communicate properly with people. But You do not worry, the developer had the idea to create a special addon that hides in the chat command text. Also there is a special command: /gamerule commandblockoutput false .

Doctor Slime [1.0.0]

Doctor Slime - colleague Doctor Husk (from another Supplement). The main advantage of Dr. Slug is that it will always follow You and take care of Your health. When You get hurt, or attack You, the doctor will restore life and You will be able to continue your adventure through the endless world of Minecraft. If the Doctor Slime is too clingy, lock him in a cage.

MC-PE 2021