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Electric Furnace [1.1.0] [Creative]

Here are quite useful Redstone mechanism that will allow You to create an electric furnace. They are much better than conventional because it does not require any fuel (e.g., coal) to run. However, there are a couple of drawbacks - an electric oven is very slow, it can be supplied only in a certain region, as for the functioning of responsible command blocks.

Sonic the Hedgehog [1.1.0] [Parkour]

Sonic the Hedgehog is a map with parkour to pass at speed. Design in the style of the popular cartoon "Sonic X". During the game participant may obtain a variety of useful effects, the functioning of which depends on command blocks, for example, speed, high jumping, and others. The map is pretty fun, You'll be able to have a great time competing with friends.

Lions [1.0.5]

This addon will replace some of the usual mobs on the gorgeous lions. On the one hand, this is a very majestic animals, and on the other incredibly brutal and demands a high respect. In Minecraft, the lions will attack only when they feel hungry, therefore You should be vigilant. If You come across a cub of this amazing animal, You will have a great opportunity to tame the "king" and make it his companion in a dangerous adventure.

Troll Command Creations [1.0.5] [Redstone]

If You are looking for ways to prank your friends in your favorite game, then this card You will surely help. Here are 10 different ideas. All the schemes can be studied and reproduced in their own world. Map shows various traps and even the fake creeper, from which a regular player will want to run away.

The 30 Trivia Questions [1.0.5] [Mini game]

You consider yourself an expert on the game Minecraft? This map will thoroughly test Your knowledge. You will have to answer a lot of questions related to your favorite game. If you give a wrong answer, You will suffer a terrible fate, so be attentive and careful. At the end of the game for a pleasant surprise.

Connect 4 (Fully Automated) [1.0.5] [Mini game]

This map is a fully automatic mini-game called Connect 4, where players must take turns throwing blocks of sand into a huge grid. The first one to post a line of four cubes of his color is the winner. You can easily restart the game by pressing the button, located at the beginning of the map. We wish you a great time.

Zeppelin [1.0.5]

Zeppelin - airship, which is used as the air vehicle. Here is placed just one player. Here You can grab supplies of food and other resources for its comfortable journey. The airship also includes a small Luggage compartment. Enjoy the flight with this wonderful addon.

Ghost Jump [1.0.5] [Parkour]

Ghost Jump is one of the longest parkour maps. Pass it will not be easy. Fortunately, the Creator of the introduced points to save at each new level. It's much easier gameplay, since You don't have to start all over again. The map is well designed, obstacle course includes a great design, which makes the game much more enjoyable. The passage of parkour can take about 30 minutes, but it all depends on Your skill level.

April Fools Creations [1.0.5] [Redstone]

Fool's day is celebrated every year on April 1 and is usually followed by various jokes and pranks on friends. This map shows the 13 different Redstone mechanisms. They are created in order for You to explore and play in their own world. Submitted creations will help You to play your friends. Some traps are very visible, so they will have to carefully disguise.

Custom Crafting Recipes [1.0.5] [Redstone]

On this map using command blocks in the game introduced nine unique recipes, which never existed in their world of Minecraft. For crafting You will need more than the workbench, and ejector. To use the new recipes without any errors, You should not depart from a certain area, so for all my health respond to the command blocks.

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