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VanillaGrinders SkyWars [1.1.0] [PVP]

Here are the Pvp map with the jungle theme that can fight for survival from 2-8 players. Sky arena was designed to make the gameplay smooth even on slower devices. The map is completely automated thanks to command blocks, so You can easily restart a mini-game, and use other built-in features. This creature, indeed, suitable to all lovers of Pvp fights.

SkyWars [1.0.5] [PVP]

SkyWars - multi card, which combines "Skyblock" and PVP. After all the players will appear in different Islands will begin the harsh survival. Try to find as many useful resources and defeat opponents. The territory of the arena is limited, it includes eight small Islands and one large. On the main huge floating platform kept the best things, so it's better if You get there first and give it all.

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Spleef (Auto Reset) [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Spleef is a fun multiplayer mini-game in the universe of Minecraft. You will receive only one tool - a shovel, where you will have to dig the earth under the opponents feet so they fall down. Try to be the one who will be able to stay on the platform. Presented here is the first card splits that automatically recovers from the action of the command unit. It is very convenient as You can start new game without any difficulty.

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