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Train [1.0.5]

This addon introduces a real locomotive in the conventional Minecraft world. Presents transport is fully operational and runs on rails. It can carry only one person and has a small baggage compartment for any resource. Texture and design of the locomotive is well designed and look great. I wonder what the developer will delight us in a future update.

The Stairway [1.0.5] [Horror]

The Stairway is a map of the horrors, where You will aimlessly walk the stairs alone, not knowing where You need to go. Here the player can expect a few surprises. Accompanying sounds are also give an eerie atmosphere. So if You are afraid of the dark, it is possible that fear does overcome You. Gameplay will take only five minutes.

More TNT [1.0.5] [Redstone]

On this map You will be able to find 9 spawn eggs, which have a destructive force. For example, double dynamite, nuclear bombs and even lightning. Imagine how much destruction you can bring just because of the spawn eggs. This map is primarily intended for acquaintance with possibilities of the command unit. Everything You see here is not the interference of any mods.

10 Command Block Creations [1.0.5] [Redstone]

This map shows in practice the amazing features of the command unit. Explore a variety of design, study team and try to reproduce them in their own world. It is possible, based on the idea of the presented mechanisms, You decide to create something of their own. On this map You will learn how to use the bow as a hook for climbing, how to spawn buildings using special eggs and much more.

NukeTown [1.0.5] [PVP]

NukeTown is based on the popular card game "Call of Duty: Black Ops". Presents creation designed as a huge fight for epic Pvp battles. Using the built-in addon usual bow will be replaced with a cool modern rifle. To install this map recommended for multiplayer mode, but You can also work out, zastavnik NT Robots.

Mine-Snakes [1.0.5]

Mine-Snakes enters in the familiar Minecraft world of small, ferocious monsters, known only as snake. If You touch the crawling reptiles, she will start to chase You and try to kill by hitting its venom. But do not despair, add-on allows you to tame snakes and keep them as Pets. They will also be able to protect You from unwanted mobs.

The Element Animation Villager Sounds [1.0.5]

Probably, this is the funny sound pack. It was originally created to shoot a funny video and was only supported on PC versions of Minecraft, we now have the opportunity to try out this resource on their handheld devices. The package is a familiar game environment starts to talk and shout, like Bigfoot. It looks a little ridiculous, but very fun. 

Castle Wars [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Fight for king and country. Each team, consisting of players and monsters, have to fight against each other. Try to spawn a bunch of knights to distract the enemy. Castle Wars created especially for lovers of active fighting. There are only two ways - either you win or die.

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