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Valliars – The Mystic Pets [1.1.0]

Valliars is a new creature, which will replace the usual mobs of kids. In a normal environment fall they will be extremely rare, so if You are lucky enough to find one, then do not hesitate, start to tame. Valary quite useful, they have different abilities and can be a great defender. Teach them combat skills, equip weapons and armor. Start your new adventure of survival with the best companion.

Alchemical Eggs [1.0.5]

This addon will allow you to learn the capabilities of alchemy. To do this You must perform the ritual of sacrifice and acquisitions. Once You manage to become an alchemist, You gain several new abilities. For example, can seal mobs in eggs, but before you do, find out more about the energy of the Sun and the moon. Presented the Supplement, really, exciting, it will make the usual survival in the world of Minecraft much more interesting.

Sheeptastic! [1.0.4]

Sheeptastic crazy fantastic addon, modifying sheep. Now livestock will boast not only for its wool, and combat abilities, which, indeed, staggering. Some sheep are just for riding, they are helpless and will not be attacking anyone. Others can be tamed as a pet, and even a defender of such lambs will be safe to engage in battle with hostile mobs. Also be sure to try your luck and call a huge Black sheep, who is the boss. She attacks everything he sees, spewing fireballs, so be careful.

My Wolf [1.0.4]

Using this addon You upgrade Your wolf. He will gain new abilities and incredible endurance and strength to withstand the dangers. In General, the wolf will become more useful and indispensable in their world of Minecraft. At the moment addition enters the pet is not so much new features, but the developer will try in a future addition to include things like the drive and additional equipment.

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Undead Invasion [1.0.0]

Undead Invasion adds eight new types of zombies, at the same time, normal mobs are in the game. In this Supplement, some zombies will not be afraid of the sun, others can attack their own brethren, but also any other hostile monsters. This addon introduces a new and replaces nothing in the familiar world of Minecraft.

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