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aVIRa [1.0.5] [Adventure]

aVIRa is one of the most ambitious and detailed maps available for Minecraft Pocket Edition now. Here You will feel yourself in the role of programmer sent on assignment into a giant computer, which was abandoned for many years. Carefully examining the insides of electronic equipment, everything slowly begins to make sense. And soon You will have to fight against the artificial intelligence, which is still on Your interests.

Murder Mystery Village [1.0.5] [Mini game]

This mini-game requires a minimum of three participants. The map is the village with plenty of hiding places. Here, You will be assigned random roles with different objectives. One will become a bloodthirsty killer, the second Sheriff crime fighter, and the third is the civilians who must survive in this dangerous place.

Notch’s Money [1.0.5]

Notch ' s Money - new currency that is embedded in the familiar world of Minecraft. After much research, economists have come to the conclusion that all measurements must have a common monetary unit. This will allow to open retail outlets in the Region and the Lower world. At least so says the developer, and in the meantime You can take a dip in the green. The addon adds not only money but and interesting blocks with the image of the currency.

Mine-QuadBikes [1.0.5]

ATV - four wheeled vehicle that is designed in most cases for off-road driving in difficult terrain. This addon introduces a fairly fast vehicle that can carry up to two players simultaneously. Quad bike are available in different colors, so the developer is sure that You will be able to find any.

Minecraft Font Pack [1.0.5]

Minecraft Font Pack gets a thick font used in Minecraft for Cyrillic and other languages that include special characters. Now You will not find any difference in the email. The resource is very simple but can be useful for those who want to clearly see any phrases in the chat.

Snowmobile [1.0.5]

Snowmobile is the best vehicle on snow-covered terrain, therefore, the addon will please those who like to live in winter biomes. The Supplement introduces a fairly quick transport, the maximum speed which is the same as that of a motorcycle. The design of the snowmobile is simply amazing, and this is not surprising since the developer is Gona always trying to improve their creations, giving them his whole soul. Transport presents a very stylish and modern. It is very convenient to explore the snow biomes of the familiar world of Minecraft.

Mine-Cargo [1.0.5]

Presents addition introduces a cool enough truck in the familiar world of Minecraft. The addon is perfect for those who love big machines, or who simply need transportation for the transport of resources over long distances. The truck is much more efficient than a horse or a donkey.

Find The Freaken Button [1.0.5] [Mini game]

This map contains 9 interesting levels, which include various decorations. Your task is to provided You the environment to find the button that redirects to the next stage. It is definitely a challenging game that requires great attention to detail and patience of steel. The advantage (or disadvantage if You're a fan of more complicated problems) is that there are no time limits.

Command Block Train [1.0.5] [Redstone]

Here is a very cool mechanism that allows you to operate an old school train. All this became possible thanks to the command block. Now feel like a train driver in the familiar world of Minecraft is very easy as all You have to do is to stand on one pressure plate to the entire crew automatically began to go forward. At this point, the train can only move in one direction and at a distance of 100-200 units.

The Subterranean Facility [1.0.5] [Adventure]

The Subterranean Facility is quite large and complicated structure, which You have to be. Here You need to find a way to regain freedom. Your adventures will occur in a very amazing and mysterious place, it is especially designed so that You truly felt imprisoned and wanted to get out. The path to freedom is not as easy as it seems, You have to do a lot of research and then maybe You will succeed.

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