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Autocompletion [1.0.5]

This addon introduces four new buttons to the user interface of the chat in your favorite game Minecraft Pocket Edition. The addition will simplify the process of entering commands and the usual suggestions. You can select previously written text and enter it to the new one for a couple of seconds. Such functions exist in the PC version of Minecraft, but for some reason was not implemented in pocket.

Mega Skyblock [1.0.5] [Survival]

Mega Skyblock is a little different from the usual cards "Skyblock" that includes fourteen different Islands to explore in order to complete the game. Every floating piece of land symbolizes any biome or dimension. Here You will find everything necessary for successful development in this limited world too.

Granyland [1.0.5] [Creative]

Granyland is really a unique city, located on the wide open spaces. The map is perfect for those who love to explore open world. It includes a wide range of different creations. Here You will appreciate the elegant buildings, as well as a fairly complex Redstone mechanisms.

Mine-Frog [1.0.5]

This addon replaces the rabbits at seven different types of frogs which can be kept as Pets. They are very weak, for example, in comparison with wolves. Also frogs need special care to ensure that they survived. This is a very cute and harmless creatures, but the only disadvantage is that the developer has not introduced a unique accompanying sounds.

Evac (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3) [1.0.5] [Creative]

This creature is a copy of popular multiplayer maps "Evac" from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Here are the evacuation center, located on top of a large complex of buildings. The place looks long abandoned and even post-apocalyptic, as flowering herbs and not a single soul. The map is ported and does not contain any errors. You can organize an epic Pvp battles.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

1 APR mojang pleasantly surprised us and released the update. I hope that this is not an April fool's joke and all changes will remain. What's new added in this version of Minecraft PE? First added the mobs from the desktop version of Minecraft, namely: dosedel, calling and advocate, as well as related items (totems, eggs, conjuring, etc.). The probability added, and forest mansion, but while the information is inaccurate.

What else is new? New color beds, new blocks including chalker box, new enchant shoes allow you to walk on water and turn it into ice, llamas, and of course fix the errors with the last version

minecraft-pocket-edition-_1.1.0.0.official.apk - the official version
minecraft-pocket-edition-_1.1.0.0.mod.v1.apk version with an unlocked textures and skins
minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.0.0.x86.apk - the version for intel

Rail Turrets [1.0.5]

This addon introduces turrets, which can move on rails and shoot at uninvited hostile mobs with a comfortable position. Such guns are ideal for defense of a certain area. Arrange the train tracks around the base or castle, then secure them to the turret. Further, the weapon itself will get around the territory and shoot the monsters.

Working iPhone 6 [1.0.5] [Redstone]

This card represents to Your attention a huge semi-functioning iPhone 6. Of course, it made a very limited version of the popular smartphone, but You can enable and use several different applications available on the phone. This is a really cool creation that was first created specially for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The Experiment 1 [1.0.5] [Adventure]

You've been kidnapped by an evil scientist, and now You have to go through many trials, having shown all his abilities. It is unclear why they chose You, and while time for reflection is not, as You have an amazing ability to avoid capture. Here are the adventure map, the game process may take about 20 minutes. There are Redstone mechanisms and command blocks.

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