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CommandParkour [1.0.5] [Parkour]

Here are is a small map consisting of five simple levels with parkour. It perfectly shows us, in practice, the action of the command unit, which is a new item in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.0.5. Thanks to him, the developer was able to create a continuous mini-game. Also introduced automatic save points and ads displayed on the screen to display the rules and details.

Command Block Tutorial [1.0.5] [Redstone]

On this map you see all the possible command block introduced in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.0.5. Such a thing has long existed in Minecraft for the PC and is a very useful thing as single player worlds and multiplayer servers. This map will be useful for those who have never faced a team unit, as well as all who wish to enrich their knowledge about this amazing thing.

Mini City [16x16] [1.0.5] [Map] [1.0.5]

Mini City is an interesting set of textures, allowing you to create a miniature city in their world of Minecraft. Building blocks and other materials will be modified and will look like small skyscrapers, office buildings, swimming pools and much more. Use these resources and try to rebuild your mini-town. Feel like a giant.

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Sports Car: Lamborghini [1.0.5]

This addon will allow all fans of Minecraft to ride on luxury sports car. It looks very cool, the textures are detailed, making the sports car is so realistic that as much as I want to envy the owners. Also presented the car is quite fast, it is possible to arrange competitions on drag racing. Show everyone who's boss on the road.

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Mine-Bikes [1.0.5]

Mine-Bikes adds your favorite game three of the motorcycle, replacing individual vanilla mobs. At the moment two-wheeled transport is represented in yellow, red, and pink. Design they do not differ from each other. Motorcycles are pretty fast and will allow You to easily move around the world of Minecraft.

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Egaland [1.0.5] [Creative]

Egaland is a modern city built in Minecraft. City buildings consist mainly of skyscrapers and other large residential facilities. This is a very colorful city with a large variety of colors. There are also different designs that were interesting to visit. Some parts are still under development, but it's still one of the most realistic cities in the game and worth investigating.

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Elemental Mobs [1.0.5]

Presented Supplement will give some hostile and peaceful mobs the power of the elements, which will make them more powerful and dangerous. For example, the villagers will have control over electricity, and they really will shoot lightning. If You are in search of something new, then download and install this addon, it will give You a lot of different mobs, never before unseen.

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The Nether Caster [1.0.5]

This Supplement will give You the ability to turn normal mobs in hell's creatures just by touching them. Also added some advantages such as fire resistance and increased life. You have a unique ability to turn an ordinary pigs in svinozombi by touching them.

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Dev Edition [1.0.5]

The idea of this Supplement is to identify the parameters that have been hidden for unknown reasons or they were scheduled for one of the following versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Most of them are not functional, meaning You cannot enable them in the options. This is likely to render, to give You an idea of what may be introduced in the future. You can add paramert as: Maximum frame rate (fps) and the ability to disable the beta text.

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