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The Quests [1.0.5] [Logical]

The Quests - the first map puzzle for Minecraft Pocket Edition that uses command blocks. Because it no longer has to be limited to just the Redstone, the creators have a world of infinite possibilities. The map includes a lot of interesting things like eating cake or space travel to Mars.

Note Block Game Sounds [1.0.5] [Redstone]

Here are five Redstone mechanisms that are designed to play famous melodies from video games. All audio tracks are very short, but You can turn on the replay that they played non-stop. Try to realize something in a world of his own, carefully examining the diagrams of these structures.

Dyeable Beds [1.0.5]

One of the future features of Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.1 is a painting of the beds. Presents addon will replace salkera on the bed, which You'll be able to change the color. Unfortunately, You I can sleep on it. Resource done to You tested and evaluated for all the superiority of this idea. Now the bed will suit any design and color scheme.

De_Dust (CS:GO) [1.0.5] [PVP]

This is a copy of De_Dust, which is a thematic map based on the famous game Counter Strike: Global Offence (CS:GO). Here is located the Pvp arena where you can fight at least two players, but it is advisable to arrange a massive battle with a large number of participants. The command blocks are only used for teleportation, for example, in order to get to the store. This card is well designed, it includes many interesting details that will not make bored.

The Dropper [1.0.5] [Dropper]

The Dropper is one of the most popular maps for Minecraft. There are 11 different levels in which we must try to survive the fall. This version includes the command blocks. Overall, it's a well designed mini-game. You will find yourself in the bathroom, where you will have to slip away in the toilet, falling from a high skyscraper and many other interesting situations.

Police Car [1.0.5]

The amendment introduces into your favorite game a police car. Now You can feel yourself in the place of a police officer in their world of Minecraft. The transport looks pretty realistic. Here are the American model of a police car. When You start moving on the machine, it will start randomly making sounds of sirens.

Structure Animation [1.0.5] [Redstone]

Presents creation can be used as a base for capturing all of animation. The mechanism includes a large amount of Redstone and command blocks. You can study circuit design and test all functions. You may want to build such a mechanism in their own world. This card perfectly demonstrates the limitless possibilities of the command unit.

Castle Adventure [1.0.5] [Adventure]

Not long ago, one very angry resident of the town decided to overthrow the king and take his place. News of this spread everywhere, including to get to You. The idea represented by the card implies that You are the king, over which hangs a terrible threat. And now the enemy were victorious, and now You have to restore its former glory and to regain the Royal possessions. It's quite an entertaining adventure, where you will have to look for various clues and items, without which You will not be able to save the Kingdom.

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