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Mine-Furniture [1.1.0]

Cool addon, where You can find various items of furniture and stained glass Windows. Most of the items has not only a decorative function: in the fridge to store food, musical pour music.
But the most important thing is that all of these items look really great and will decorate Your buildings.

Mine-Tornado [1.1.0]

Rain, storm and snowfall is a natural phenomenon that exist in the world of Minecraft. But maybe You want something more impressive. Presents addon brings into play the raging tornado. He alone can be formed only in hell. The storm is dangerous and can kill You, so you should be careful and move away from her at a far distance.

Mine-NameTagBoss [1.1.0]

This addon brings to the game, eight different bosses that can only be called through the name change. Are the monsters are quite dangerous, but with them falls a lot of useful resources. Such quantities can only be obtained after long adventures under ground in the world of Minecraft.
Here are the names to spawn the bosses:
Zombie Giant
The Giant
Creeper - Nuke
Svinozombi - Knight
Stray - Straygic
Chicken Eggboss
Cow - Toro
Pig - Pigzilla
Ocelot - the Cheetah

Mine-TireBike [1.1.0]

This addon introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft is quite unusual transport called TireBike. You will be inside a huge wheel. It is equipped with weapons to defend themselves from hostile monsters on the move. So, provided the vehicle is universal. It can not only safely cut through the vast expanses of Minecraft, but attack different mobs.

Mine-Pogo [1.1.0]

Mine-Pogo is a device for high jumps. With it, You will look like a grasshopper. Actually, pogo is not the best, but he's really funny. Addon presents to Your attention the hopping adaptations in two different colors: blue and red. They all function the same.

Mine-Frog [1.0.5]

This addon replaces the rabbits at seven different types of frogs which can be kept as Pets. They are very weak, for example, in comparison with wolves. Also frogs need special care to ensure that they survived. This is a very cute and harmless creatures, but the only disadvantage is that the developer has not introduced a unique accompanying sounds.

Mine-Snakes [1.0.5]

Mine-Snakes enters in the familiar Minecraft world of small, ferocious monsters, known only as snake. If You touch the crawling reptiles, she will start to chase You and try to kill by hitting its venom. But do not despair, add-on allows you to tame snakes and keep them as Pets. They will also be able to protect You from unwanted mobs.

Mine-QuadBikes [1.0.5]

ATV - four wheeled vehicle that is designed in most cases for off-road driving in difficult terrain. This addon introduces a fairly fast vehicle that can carry up to two players simultaneously. Quad bike are available in different colors, so the developer is sure that You will be able to find any.

Mine-Cargo [1.0.5]

Presents addition introduces a cool enough truck in the familiar world of Minecraft. The addon is perfect for those who love big machines, or who simply need transportation for the transport of resources over long distances. The truck is much more efficient than a horse or a donkey.

Mine-Taxi [1.0.5]

Presents addon will replace two of the usual mobs in a taxi. One of the cars is special - he can float in the air, and the other just goes on the ground. Addition will please those who love flying vehicles. Also represented the soaring taxi is very similar to that which was shown in the movie "the Fifth element". The disadvantage of this addon is that all the traffic is designed for only one person - the driver. That is, taxis can't carry passengers.

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