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Poop [1.1.0]

Poop is funny and somewhat stupid, but quite a useful add-on, which has not yet been created up to this point. Our life is not complete without poop, we seldom meet them on the trails and paths and now the stink can be introduced into the world of our favorite games. All animals, including horses and other livestock, will from time to time to defecate. You will also hear a nasty loud fart noise. Fekashki you can collect and throw them at anyone. After being hit by mob or player turd vyhovet the effect of nausea, which is very logical, because no one wants to feel the foul smell.

Ferrari 458 Italia [1.1.0]

Become the owner of the cool expensive car in the world of Minecraft. This addon introduces the incredible Ferrari 458 Italia, which is unmatched by the Italian sports car. This car will be the best vehicle of them all, as it goes much faster than a donkey or a horse. The Ferrari 458 Italia is a great design, it has lots of refined details, so You will look like a real diamond magnate. To initiate movement and transport management hold in hand the ignition key.

Godzilla [1.1.0]

Godzilla is often mentioned as the “King of monsters”, and it's probably the best name describing the greatness of ancient creatures. Are the dinosaur much more than any usual mob in the world of Minecraft, and its main and most devastating power is the ability to eruption of fireballs. You should also Dodge melee attacks, as they can cause serious damage. Are You ready to come together to fight the worst boss in the history of your favorite games? You'll have to, if you want to stop Godzilla to take over the world.

Gorillas [1.1.0]

This Supplement replaces the familiar creeper gorillas. The kids they look incredibly adorable. It is hard to resist not to take one of them in Pets. However, this is not just a decorative little game: when they grow up, You will have a good defence.
Monkeys are generally quite closely associated with people, so I think they will find a suitable place!

Tiger [1.1.0]

Tigers in real life are very beautiful animals. And now, with the help of this addon You will be able to meet them in their world of Minecraft. The tigers are hostile to the player, so You should be careful. They can also be tamed and kept as a pet. This magnificent beast will follow You and protect you from any monsters.

Witherbuster Combat [1.1.0]

Witherbuster Combat introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft the best combat gear for an epic battle against the boss of Ischitella and other hostile monsters. The mechanical design is equipped with a seat, which should be in the player. This equipment has different abilities that are meant for killing the enemy. In this equipment do not have to fight with bosses, You can safely attack all creatures that attack You.
Next you added a new and improved version of the mechanical suit in black color. Experience the new!

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Scorpions [1.1.0]

This addon replaces the usual spiders on the evil Scorpion, who wants to taste the peaceful animals or players. However, not all predators are bad. For example, if You find a young specimen Scorpion, then You will be able to tame it and keep as a pet. And as soon as the pet reaches maturity, You will be able to ride on top of it and to feel safe, as the Scorpion will protect You.

Hot Rod [1.1.1]

Hot Rod - an old fashioned, classic American cars, which is easily identified by the large engine on the front. In the presented addon, worked out in detail, the vehicle has a very cool design, so it looks like a real hot rod. The car is pretty small, but it includes one seat for the driver and the Luggage compartment.

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Improved Minecart [1.1.0]

This addon modifies the usual trolley. Now she has a gun, a chest to store small amount of resources and one seat for the player. Use advanced car for their adventures. It will automatically shoot down enemies that get too close, and provides extra slots for things, so You don't have anything to leave due to lack of inventory space.

Lions [1.0.5]

This addon will replace some of the usual mobs on the gorgeous lions. On the one hand, this is a very majestic animals, and on the other incredibly brutal and demands a high respect. In Minecraft, the lions will attack only when they feel hungry, therefore You should be vigilant. If You come across a cub of this amazing animal, You will have a great opportunity to tame the "king" and make it his companion in a dangerous adventure.

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