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Last Day on Earth v.1.0 [1.2.0] [Survival]

Last day on Earth is a map of survival and adventure, which is inspired by the homonymous game. You play as a character who is one of the few survivors of the Second world war. Lucky enough to have already traveled to Mars. But some people, like you, left on Earth and are now forced to fight for life. It is very difficult to survive in a world where almost no food and everywhere was swarming with infection that turns people into zombies. How to play? The main goal is to collect the materials needed to repair your broken space ship, and then escape into space. But it will be difficult. First of all, you need to find a way to survive on these barren lands and not become a victim of zombies, stray dogs or other creatures lurking in the dark. The only way to repair a broken space ship! The map includes new weapons, binoculars, custom textures and more. 

WWE [1.1.0]

This addon replaces a few mobs in the game on a bunch of world-famous wrestlers and one referee. You will be able to put two Champions against each other and bet on one of them. And if you do not like to watch, and I want to join the fight, please - this is a great way of training their fighting skills. However, remember that all the fights in Minecraft for life and death.

The Tale of Steve: Escape [1.1.0] [Adventure]

This map is based on real events that occurred in South Africa in 1976-m to year. You are playing the role of rebel, freedom fighter. Government forces declared You a terrorist and thrown behind bars. The design of the prison was involved 200 command units, designed for 15-20 minutes of action. So as soon as You are put in captivity, you need to start looking for the exit. And you'll definitely find it!

The Missing Gem (Flyable Helicopters) [1.1.0] [Adventure]

Your mission is to fly straight by helicopter to the village, take away, stolen by the inhabitants, a precious stone, to throw the bomb village and go further with peace of mind. As You can see, here are air transport, fully working with Redstone and command blocks. In order to bring the helicopter in motion, will only have to press on the pressure plate. The map can be played in multiplayer mode and play with friends.

The Element Animation Villager Sounds [1.0.5]

Probably, this is the funny sound pack. It was originally created to shoot a funny video and was only supported on PC versions of Minecraft, we now have the opportunity to try out this resource on their handheld devices. The package is a familiar game environment starts to talk and shout, like Bigfoot. It looks a little ridiculous, but very fun. 

Command Block Train [1.0.5] [Redstone]

Here is a very cool mechanism that allows you to operate an old school train. All this became possible thanks to the command block. Now feel like a train driver in the familiar world of Minecraft is very easy as all You have to do is to stand on one pressure plate to the entire crew automatically began to go forward. At this point, the train can only move in one direction and at a distance of 100-200 units.

Bows and Arrows Challenge [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Here You will have to show all their skills of archery. This map includes 10 different levels of medium difficulty. If You manage to pass them all, then at the end You will be a surprise. Read more about the campaign You can learn personally from the Creator. The link to his page below. We wish you much success!

Vanilla Tweaks [16x16] [1.0.4]

Vanilla Tweaks changes the texture of some blocks for a much more smooth and neat. The resource will be useful to those who may irritate some details in familiar drawing materials and items Minecraft. Originally this texture pack was created for the PC version of Minecraft, it ported now, and You have the option to use Vanilla Tweaks on their handheld devices.

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