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Mine-QuadBikes [1.0.5]


ATV - four wheeled vehicle that is designed in most cases for off-road driving in difficult terrain. This addon introduces a fairly fast vehicle that can carry up to two players simultaneously. Quad bike are available in different colors, so the developer is sure that You will be able to find any.

Download mine-quadbikes-packs.mcaddon [3,37 Mb] downloaded: 652 times
Download last version of Mine-QuadBikes from the official website

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Marine is the first addon that includes a great variety of marine transport. Here You will be able to experience the sailboat, jet ski and boat. Each vehicle is available in three different colors. The control mechanism for all the boats different, but the basic function remains the same. At the moment, the Supplement is not perfect. For example, there is an error in the movement, but this did not prevent You to enjoy the wonderful sea walk.

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