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Project Spectron: Halloween Mode [1.8.0] [Adventure]

You feel strong enough and brave enough to survive in the dangerous depths of cyberspace? This map will take You on an unforgettable adventure through the incredible terrain. Here You will find many treasures and a variety of fantastic biomes! At this location is hidden eight emeralds, four cyber-star and a rare rainbow crystal. We wish You a successful search! Map made in Halloween style and includes your texture pack, as well as new music in order that You fully feel in cyberprotest.

Project Spectron [1.6.0] [Adventure]

Spectron Project is crazy very full adventure map. She will plunge You head in a cybernetic atmosphere. There are many interesting places for research. The map does not provide any plot or story, but includes a few extra missions. The player is given complete freedom for the development of the surrounding space and survival in Santpoort. You have to battle with the crazy cybernetic monsters. Against them You will have the opportunity to experience different types of weapons, such as a sphere or a sword. Also the map has several levels of parkour for their passage as a reward You will assign cool gold chips and tokens. And yet You manage to use a pair of wings to explore the rest of this exciting online world. You will find just a phenomenal card! It includes the texture pack and custom sounds. Soon download and you will not regret!

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aVIRa [1.0.5] [Adventure]

aVIRa is one of the most ambitious and detailed maps available for Minecraft Pocket Edition now. Here You will feel yourself in the role of programmer sent on assignment into a giant computer, which was abandoned for many years. Carefully examining the insides of electronic equipment, everything slowly begins to make sense. And soon You will have to fight against the artificial intelligence, which is still on Your interests.

Mega Dropper 4 [1.0.0] [Dropper]

Mega Dropper part 4! This is one of the large maps with epic drops, which were ever created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here You will find a total of 21 incredible level. The goal is very simple - it is necessary to jump from the ledge and, having overcome all obstacles, find yourself at the bottom unharmed. It is quite difficult, typically requires many attempts before you succeed. Show all your attention and swift reaction.

ElytraElite: Carnival [1.0.4] [Elytra]

This map litroe in the spirit of the Brazilian carnival. You feel the approaching holiday? Then join Jolly in the beloved world of Minecraft and be sure to call your friends. Here You will find a four levels with different obstacles that make the passage exciting and quite interesting.

Elytra Elite [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Elytra Elite - the incredible map of the elytra, consisting of 7 different and equally stunning levels. You may find that they are too few, but the developer warns that many of them are insanely difficult to pass. This map litroe a bit different from others since it is similar to the game with the fall, but here You have to fly. The developer is convinced that it is by far the best map with the elytra, in which it is played today.

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