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Marine [1.1.0]

Marine is the first addon that includes a great variety of marine transport. Here You will be able to experience the sailboat, jet ski and boat. Each vehicle is available in three different colors. The control mechanism for all the boats different, but the basic function remains the same. At the moment, the Supplement is not perfect. For example, there is an error in the movement, but this did not prevent You to enjoy the wonderful sea walk.

MonsterTruck [1.1.0]

The truck is the most useful tool for fast travel across the vast world of Minecraft. Thanks to the impressive dimensions of the car You will feel like a stone wall. The feeling that You will be able to move all the monsters, but sorry, nothing will come of it. But there is a good chance to avoid enemy attacks. Transport is designed for off-road driving and mountain areas. This vast car is capable to jump, and he is not afraid of falling from a great height. At the moment You can choose one of six colors.

Birds [1.1.0]

It is time for the birds to fly! The addon replaces the chickens exotic birds – toucans. This is a very cute birds, and most of the time they will spend in the air. However, walking on the ground they can also be found. To tame them will not work, but the catch on the leash – please. Just have to try very hard – not easy. Eggs toucans are divided into good and cheesy. From the fit have a solid chance to adult Toucan, but rotten – this poison, what was poisonous potatoes. Of the bonuses are also delicious meat and feathers – from one to eight with the carcass.

Tron Bike [1.1.0]

Futuristic design, glow in dark body lines, incredible speed, fascinating features – all this awaits us in the new addon that adds a Superbike from the movie "Tron". And how does it work? In fact, in super has been turned into spiders, so this miracle can be found just walking around the world. Or to produce a desired light moped throw the eggs of the spider's appeal, which now looks like a small disc of alien design. fishing Rod with a carrot turns into a key and went!

Odd Mobs [1.1.0]

The mobs change, mobs become more cunning! Snide creeper will now throw a pack of TNT, instead of honestly explode. Ifrit was more like vosemnadcatiletnij flamethrower, and it's better not to get caught. The skeletons have decided not to burn under the sunlight, so stay on your toes even during the day. The wolves and zombies are now more than twice as tenacious, and Gast now do not pay attention to You. A separate song – endermen. They are now not as strong, but unable to teleport once per second. A terrible thing!

Enchanted [1.1.0]

This addon turns mere survival into a living hell. Let's start with the fact that things started getting a lot of spiders. And now they are just huge, not to mention the fact that their power and ability has also changed. The texture of the blocks, some physical properties, it has also undergone a change. Floating skeletons, the creeper, which protect the player and attack the undead – indeed, this Supplement just a storehouse of unexpected moments. It embodies the most incredible solutions, which you can explore only in the game. Good luck in this strange and terrible universe!

All Mobs Rideable [1.1.0]

Come on, comrades! This wonderful expansion pack that turns mobs into a great vehicle. In addition, our horses will be much faster than in a normal game. For example, resident, saddled You will be running like mad. Riding creatures do not need to absolutely nothing at all: just jump and press "go". Cow, creeper, almost everything turns into a transport. Except, oddly enough, pigs. However, check yourself.

Sunburn [1.1.0]

If You have any desire to see in our favorite game from the sunlight have killed as many mobs, then You'll love this addon. The Creator has prepared two package for every taste. Each resource is characterized by the fact that makes up the heavenly bodies of monsters, which formerly belonged to the indifferent Sun. Thus, You will be able to control the difficulty of the game. As the sunlight becomes weaker mobs, they'll begin to move slower, so You will have more chances to escape from danger.

The Ender Boss [1.1.0]

This addon introduces a terrible boss, who is the Lord of all undermenu. He will be one of the most dangerous mobs, meet in the ordinary world. Ender boss is a very strong opponent. He not only possesses all the abilities of the enderman, but can produce fireballs. And that battle did not seem too boring, the Boss invites his servants, to relieve the situation and mercilessly tickle your enemy. After the victory over the leader of undermenu, You will receive a Crystal Edge which will perfectly fit into any interior, the main thing - a trophy not to break.

Alex’s Guardian [1.1.0]

This addon introduces a truly huge creature compared to other habitual mobs. Because of its size, it has incredible power. This giant is the guardian of the ordinary world. Its mission is to protect citizens and players from all possible threats. Guards will always be on Your side and You can count on their help. When the Keeper is close to You, it is more likely to feel the danger, such as attacking You with monsters. Also giants don't mind any ride on your shoulder.

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