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Mega Mech [1.1.0]

This addon adds a huge mechanical robot that can be controlled by the player. The idea the developers came after watching all the famous movie "Pacific rim". He is a science fiction and talks about a future where the human race manages with giant machines and fight against alien-like sea monsters. The robot is definitely cool because it can fight a war with hostile mobs in the world Minecraft.

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FNAF Pets [1.1.0]

This addon with bright animatronically "Five nights and Freddy" for Minecraft PE. You can tame the fearsome heroes of the famous game and keep them as Pets. Also there is a sinister boss with which You have to enter the fray . Most of the animatronics gather in groups for protection, and it is never too late to start to attack, if necessary.

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SEUS PE Shaders [1.1.0]

To date, Sonic Either's Unbelievable Shaders PE is the most realistic Sadarak for Minecraft PE. The light from the Sun and the moon now shimmers much prettier, and reflected in the water. A more qualitative study of shadows at night and in the Nether world. There are three versions of shaders: normal, medium and ultra

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