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MurderEscape [1.1.0] [Horror]

MurderEscape is a multiplayer horror game. Requires at least two players, but it's better if there will be more. One of the players will be selected hunters, and the rest will be fleeing targets. The role can be selected independently, and you can trust the occasion and include a random choice. The objective of fugitive is to run to the pressure plate. The matter is complicated by the fact that the victim inflicts blindness. Task killer, armed with a sword, to chase and... You know. And Yes the ability to win!

RecipeBook [1.1.0]

This addon will be very useful for those who are seeking a simple way of viewing all the available recipes of various blocks or items in Minecraft. Supplement is very important for beginners and just for the convenience of already experienced players. Now You don't have to climb on the Internet in search of the right craft. The addon all the recipes at a glance. But there is one drawback, as this is the first version, here the presence of all crafts. The developer will try to fix it in the next update.

Poop [1.1.0]

Poop is funny and somewhat stupid, but quite a useful add-on, which has not yet been created up to this point. Our life is not complete without poop, we seldom meet them on the trails and paths and now the stink can be introduced into the world of our favorite games. All animals, including horses and other livestock, will from time to time to defecate. You will also hear a nasty loud fart noise. Fekashki you can collect and throw them at anyone. After being hit by mob or player turd vyhovet the effect of nausea, which is very logical, because no one wants to feel the foul smell.

Working Quarry [1.1.0] [Redstone]

Very useful thing – a command block that allows you to make a career car. This unit is able to dig up an area the size of 7x7 blocks and place the resources in a chest. Of course, this all only works in a world where creative mode is available, because the creation of the apparatus involved command blocks. Click on the button, a chest appears. In the chest are the elements for marking the dig area. Mark out the area. Turn the lever, and the machine is digging. Turn the lever again, the machine stops.

The Tale of Steve: Escape [1.1.0] [Adventure]

This map is based on real events that occurred in South Africa in 1976-m to year. You are playing the role of rebel, freedom fighter. Government forces declared You a terrorist and thrown behind bars. The design of the prison was involved 200 command units, designed for 15-20 minutes of action. So as soon as You are put in captivity, you need to start looking for the exit. And you'll definitely find it!

Aquatopia [1.1.0]

Presents transport is part of the attraction, known as Aquatopia, located in the theme Park in Tokyo, Japan. This vehicle is pretty well-designed in real life designed for driving on the water. However, in Minecraft this boat can only move along the ground. Transport is not the fastest, but it certainly attracts its uniqueness, it is nowhere to find such.

Alex’s Better Weapons [1.1.0]

This addon replaces more than ten items from the world of Minecraft modern weapons. Sniper rifle with silencer, grenades, combat knives, baseball bat, katana and even a nuclear bomb! Now that mobs not be good. Even some types of potions has been modified for convenience and greater efficiency.

Glide PVP (Sky Islands) [1.1.0] [PVP]

Ten Islands floating in the sky, there will be a Pvp battle with other players. Each island has its own little things that you can take to succeed in battle. At the point of emergence there is a chest with wings. Wear them, wait until other players join the game and go to battle!

Find The Button [1.1.0] [Mini game]

Game "find the button" - what could be easier? However, looking for this button, you will still have to run. The game features 10 levels, each of which is designed to fame. One, for example, is in the lakeside cottage, the other near the beach and so on. Find a button, push it and be transported via teleport to the next level. It is important to remember that destroying blocks is not necessary. Good luck!

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