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Infinite Items (in Survival Mode) [1.1.0]

Do You love cheat? Of course, love. Everyone loves to cheat, and it's just an amazing package for hacking anything and everything.
Endless blocks, tools and other valuable digger for things. Survival mode and unlimited cornucopia – what could be more tempting? With such a capability can be safely taken for the construction of a dream home.

HardCore Mobs [1.1.0]

This addon makes some hostile mobs almost invulnerable, they are incredibly hard to kill. Monsters gain strength for incredibly powerful attacks. For example, most creatures will inflict twice the damage. Now survival mode will be much more difficult. Here can handle only the bravest player in Minecraft, who likes thrills. Show your fighting skills and savvy with the Supplement.

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Softer Rain Sounds Pack [1.1.0]

Use this resurspak in order to reduce rain noise and make it much more soft for the ears. You'll still hear the falling drops, but don't miss the rest of the sounds in the environment, for example, an approaching creeper. The package presented is very useful because it does not touch any settings. Now You don't have to mute all the sounds from behind, the irritating to the ear, rain.

Reasonable Villager [1.1.0]

This addon brings to the game, reasonable people. They are much less greedy than the rest of the villagers. New residents will sell You everything from food to diamonds, only in exchange for dirt, wooden planks or other objects. Supplement suitable for those who wish to improve the usual rural tradesmen and greatly facilitate survival mode.

Missing Color 2 [1.1.0] [Parkour]

In a world where there are only two colors, parkour becomes really risky entertainment. The environment consists only of black and white blocks, so be careful in the next stage of the puzzle. However, there are no time limits, so time to think is enough.

Late At Night [1.1.0] [Horror]

Late At Night is a rather scary adventure map, which is set in a gloomy house. The lights went out and You had to go down to the basement to fix the generator supplying electricity. To navigate in the dark of space, so You use the night vision camera. She has a limited supply of battery, so try to economize energy. On the map there are the screamers, they look forward to the moment to scare You.

Creepy Sounds for Horror Maps [1.1.0] [Redstone]

This map shows some of the sounds that are present in the "vanilla" version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Want to make a map of a spooky adventure? This is just what you need. The mechanism works using command blocks and do not require additional resources. You can add other packages. Works for version and subsequent.

NostalgyConceptPack [1.1.0]

If You missed capabilities of the old interface of Minecraft Pocket Edition, then this option is exactly what you need. To create a world, add a friend or new servers – everything is easy with this package. All functions are available, but their design has changed somewhat. Try, perhaps, so You really will be easier!

The Wall [1.1.0] [Parkour]

So, get acquainted: in front of us The Wall – it's a pretty complex map for parkour where the goal is to get to the top of the wall. Obstacles need to be overcome by jumping, and some even die. However, for the convenience of the audience there are a couple of control points. In General, avid traceur should be like!

Ferrari 458 Italia [1.1.0]

Become the owner of the cool expensive car in the world of Minecraft. This addon introduces the incredible Ferrari 458 Italia, which is unmatched by the Italian sports car. This car will be the best vehicle of them all, as it goes much faster than a donkey or a horse. The Ferrari 458 Italia is a great design, it has lots of refined details, so You will look like a real diamond magnate. To initiate movement and transport management hold in hand the ignition key.

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