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AdventureRobot [1.7.0]

Presents addon enters in the familiar world of Minecraft, really cool fighting robot, which can be used as the vehicle. It looks very cool and pretty realistic. With a super armor Your adventure will be much safer. The robot is equipped with a large number of missiles that can be launched at enemies. To find a mechanical suit will work both in normal and in the lower world, or you can create manually using spawn eggs. Be robots quite rare, compared to other mobs, making the game in survival mode more interesting. Use the key to activate the suit. Picking up the remote, You will be able to shoot missiles at enemy monsters, causing huge damage, after which to You hardly someone will be able to come. The robot is also immune to fire, which is very convenient.

FireEngine [1.2.5]

Fire truck (or firetruck) is a vehicle that is primarily used to fight fires. This particular car has the ability to simultaneously carry up to three firefighters. One should act as a driver and the other two from the back of the machine ready to act in any dangerous situation. How does it work? Before heading to the mission, make sure that you have the necessary items for fire fighting. You can get the items from the truck using the key. You will not be able to control the car if it is not unlocked. There are a couple of new items which were implemented in this addon (or rather replaced), and include the gun, keys, clothing and fire "water balls".

TheTerminator [1.1.3]

This addon replaces the Zimogor on the real-life terminator. This is a fairly large robot with an impressive gun in his hands. The mechanical creation has great power and knows no mercy. Players, cows, pigs – anything that moves, is a direct target of the terminator. Believe me, You better not to face the robot in survival mode. One wrong move and You have nothing left.

MonsterTruck [1.1.0]

The truck is the most useful tool for fast travel across the vast world of Minecraft. Thanks to the impressive dimensions of the car You will feel like a stone wall. The feeling that You will be able to move all the monsters, but sorry, nothing will come of it. But there is a good chance to avoid enemy attacks. Transport is designed for off-road driving and mountain areas. This vast car is capable to jump, and he is not afraid of falling from a great height. At the moment You can choose one of six colors.

BM WarStuffs [1.0.5]

This addon replaces some of the usual items Minecraft incredible destructive modern weapons and cool gear soldier. Presents addition will please those who want to transform the game and make it much more realistic. With this addon you can get a pretty epic battle. At the moment there are some limitations, but they will be fixed in a future update.

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