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Hulk [1.6.0]

This addon replaces the familiar iron Golem the Incredible Hulk. Four iron block, pumpkin. Big green monster attacks and all, not sparing even the villagers, so if You fall under the distribution, to survive there is very little chance. To fill up such a whopper, you need very good weapons, strong armor and skilled movement around the enemy. With him two HUNDRED and hearts of life, and damage attacks 15-21. To escape from it happens not always. Hulk moves very fast, so skilful to turn aside blows. But there are from him and use hostile mobs for You it is also easy to erase in a powder. If this monster is still to win, he will drop the diamonds (1-3), emeralds (2-5) and Star. Yes, here's another: * pumpkins and iron blocks are also changed.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 5-10-2018, 21:56

Go Through [1.1.0]

This addon will give You miraculous powers, namely, to walk through walls and sink through the ground. Such features can be very useful, for example when you need to explore any dungeon, dungeon or any other place where it is particularly hindered by various obstacles. The submitted package can't be used as cheat on the servers, but it is possible to look for quality seeds in their own worlds worlds.

Marine [1.1.0]

Marine is the first addon that includes a great variety of marine transport. Here You will be able to experience the sailboat, jet ski and boat. Each vehicle is available in three different colors. The control mechanism for all the boats different, but the basic function remains the same. At the moment, the Supplement is not perfect. For example, there is an error in the movement, but this did not prevent You to enjoy the wonderful sea walk.

Mouse [1.1.0]

This addon replaces the usual silverfish mice. These rodents are naturally hostile and will not miss an opportunity to bite, passing by the players. There is a simple way to protect yourself from annoying of mice is, of course, domesticated cat. She will chase and attack the rodents. This behavior is peculiar cat, which makes the addition very realistic.

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