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Raft [1.7.0]

Quadruple plot – a real find for a fun team! Was the show boat became with the help of this addon the raft. What is the raft from the boat? first, it can accommodate 4 people. To swim with three friends is much more fun, right? second, the raft is safer boats – it can withstand much more damage before falling apart. Third - rafts in some beautiful boats. You can even say something romantic to them. Remember Huckleberry Finn and Jim on the raft. Their RAID on the Mississippi – Golden pages of the classics. You can repeat their wonderful journey. Someone built a raft in childhood on the pond. Indians built rafts in ancient times – long before the era of semi-displacement boats. the Raft is cool and beautiful. for this addon rafts are made in all kinds of wood, and boats. it's Time to set sail! 

TF2 Engineer [1.1.1]

Presents addon enters in the familiar world of Minecraft various mechanisms that were once designed by the engineer, Dell Conagher. If You have played Team Fortress 2, you'll understand what is now in question, but if you still have never encountered such a game, do not worry, enjoy the presented Supplement. All new appliances will be very useful in survival mode, as they are created solely for the protection of the territory and character. For example, the turret fires at the approach of a hostile monster, and the dispenser heals all peaceful mobs, including the player.

Birds [1.1.0]

It is time for the birds to fly! The addon replaces the chickens exotic birds – toucans. This is a very cute birds, and most of the time they will spend in the air. However, walking on the ground they can also be found. To tame them will not work, but the catch on the leash – please. Just have to try very hard – not easy. Eggs toucans are divided into good and cheesy. From the fit have a solid chance to adult Toucan, but rotten – this poison, what was poisonous potatoes. Of the bonuses are also delicious meat and feathers – from one to eight with the carcass.

Fishes [1.1.0]

This addon turns some of the ground mobs in the world of Minecraft in a variety of fish that live in the water. For the first time, ordinary beings remade so that they might dwell under the water. All this became possible thanks to the new function introduced in version 1.1 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now you can easily change the behavior of mobs so as soon as you want. And while experience is presented addition, which podlozny the world will become a much livelier and more interesting.

Toy Soldier [1.1.0]

Presents addon that will allow You to create two armies of toy soldiers and watching the epic battles between the two teams. For convenience, all groups displayed in a different colour. Each soldier can choose his specialization, so you should carefully consider the strategy before you engage. Start the game in multiplayer mode and play with a friend. Let's see whose army will win.

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