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Freaky Creepers [1.1.1]

Strange, the Creeper is much more unpredictable than a normal creeper. Modified mob will chase You and then try to raise his head. Then a strange creeper starts flashing like it's going to explode. But no, the monster will wait a while. This will allow him to confuse You, You can even feel safe. But do not have time to come back as: "Poof!" – everything will disappear together with You!

Alex’s Hover Bikes [1.2.0]

This vehicle is like it is in Minecraft from the world of movies about alien civilization. Stylish futuristic bike will carry its owner through the mountains and plains with great speed, but he doesn't receive damage from falling from any height. For such transport to explore the miles of surrounding land. The addon replaces the horses, so find a bike on the plains where the spawn horses. All as I used to, take a seat, take the armor and let's go. 

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Enchanted [1.1.0]

This addon turns mere survival into a living hell. Let's start with the fact that things started getting a lot of spiders. And now they are just huge, not to mention the fact that their power and ability has also changed. The texture of the blocks, some physical properties, it has also undergone a change. Floating skeletons, the creeper, which protect the player and attack the undead – indeed, this Supplement just a storehouse of unexpected moments. It embodies the most incredible solutions, which you can explore only in the game. Good luck in this strange and terrible universe!

Alex’s Guardian [1.1.0]

This addon introduces a truly huge creature compared to other habitual mobs. Because of its size, it has incredible power. This giant is the guardian of the ordinary world. Its mission is to protect citizens and players from all possible threats. Guards will always be on Your side and You can count on their help. When the Keeper is close to You, it is more likely to feel the danger, such as attacking You with monsters. Also giants don't mind any ride on your shoulder.

The Pug [1.1.0]

This addon replaces the familiar Volkov cute and innocent pugs. The pug is a breed of dog with a short muzzle and a compact square body. In principle they have everything to win the love of most people at first sight. In our favorite game pugs will show themselves in the best light, they will not be a coward in front of danger, but rather to rush to the attack, protecting his master. Are the Pets will be much stronger than the wolf, and therefore much more useful.

Danger Inbound: Meltdown Edition [1.1.0]

Poisonous rivers, the burning Moon and monstrous creation – a world apparently turned into hell. The creatures of the night have become stronger and more ruthless, and Your desire to survive – the only thing that can save. The world around has changed. The water became poisonous, monsters are stronger and the weather also seems to have caught the evil virus. Mobs now have other options, and they should not be underestimated.

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Alex’s Better Weapons [1.1.0]

This addon replaces more than ten items from the world of Minecraft modern weapons. Sniper rifle with silencer, grenades, combat knives, baseball bat, katana and even a nuclear bomb! Now that mobs not be good. Even some types of potions has been modified for convenience and greater efficiency.

The Darkened [1.1.0]

The Darkened making the most of measurement in Minecraft Pocket Edition is much more dangerous. The ordinary world looks a lot darker than ever before. Here You will meet many new frightening mobs. They have their own unique actions, textures and accompanying sounds, which gives the usual favorite game for a real apocalyptic atmosphere.

The New World [1.1.0]

The New World completely alters the ordinary world and the other dimensions of our favorite games. Design will become much more vivid, and the mobs will get a new appearance in order to fit the environment. Also, addon changes the actions of monsters, which greatly increases the difficulty of the game.

Danger Inbound: Apocalypse Edition [1.1.0]

The end of the world comes, the Minecraft world, which remained in our memory, will never be the same. The whole environment turned into a hellish nightmare. Some mobs have reached the huge sizes. Their strength and endurance also increased sharply. Presents addon will allow You to experience your favorite game in a whole new level of complexity. Addition change not only the behavior of monsters, but also graphic design.

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