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Tron Bike [1.1.0]

Futuristic design, glow in dark body lines, incredible speed, fascinating features – all this awaits us in the new addon that adds a Superbike from the movie "Tron". And how does it work? In fact, in super has been turned into spiders, so this miracle can be found just walking around the world. Or to produce a desired light moped throw the eggs of the spider's appeal, which now looks like a small disc of alien design. fishing Rod with a carrot turns into a key and went!

Remote Controlled Aircraft [1.1.0]

Who doesn't like RC airplanes? Here You can pilot your own model. It's pretty bulky, but well designed, and manage delight. The plane can be used for flights only You will be outside of the plane, directly behind his body. Life is not a ride, but in the world of Minecraft, why not? Quite unusual but definitely worth to try.

Lamborghini [1.1.0]

In this addon we get a well-designed model of the legendary Lamborghini. It consists of hundreds of pixels, each of which is like a miniature block. This is a truly unique style in the 3D simulation, we meet not often. The car has a distinctive shape, which looks very cool.

C4 Bombs [1.1.0]

Presents addon introduces a new weapon in the familiar world of Minecraft. This is bomb C4, it is much more powerful than the usual TNT. Place the explosives on the ground, light it and stand back at a safe distance, because within 10 seconds it blows up. This device is perfectly useful for the formation of the landscape. The shock wave is so big that You will easily be able to tear down any mountain.

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