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Mob Upgrades [1.1.1]

This Supplement modifies many of the usual hostile and some peaceful mobs world Minecraft, making them more dangerous and powerful creatures. The addon changes some of the established manners of monsters. If You are looking for a fairly simple way to increase game difficulty, you want to make it more hardcore, then submitted the package - it is certainly the best solution for implementing the desired.

Crispy [1.1.1]

Don't like to cook? You are not alone. This addition will change everything in such a way that when killing cows and other animals, will only drop cooked meat. Now at the initial stage of the game, and indeed, You don't have to worry about the furnace, instead, you can enjoy a decent meal without any extra action. The addon also increases the drop from slugs and spiders will drop spider pickle eyes. Agree, very useful addition!

Odd Mobs [1.1.0]

The mobs change, mobs become more cunning! Snide creeper will now throw a pack of TNT, instead of honestly explode. Ifrit was more like vosemnadcatiletnij flamethrower, and it's better not to get caught. The skeletons have decided not to burn under the sunlight, so stay on your toes even during the day. The wolves and zombies are now more than twice as tenacious, and Gast now do not pay attention to You. A separate song – endermen. They are now not as strong, but unable to teleport once per second. A terrible thing!

Nethercore [1.1.0]

The lower world is not a place where I would like to live. The atmosphere of sadness and horror, there are lots of hostile monsters, so you want to leave. But there are those for whom this dimension seems too simple and boring even in hard mode. Presents addon will make the usual conditions in the lower world is truly hell. If You're a fan of hardcore, then be sure to install and download this add-on. Try to hold in this modified measurement.

Animonsters [1.0.4]

This addon turns some peaceful creatures into evil killers. If for any reason You feel that familiar gameplay too easy presented addition will significantly increase the complexity. Mobs, such as cows, pigs and even chickens will become not only dangerous, but will gain incredible strength and endurance. Now You will think before you breed cute Pets around the house. 

Mob Factions [1.0.4]

By installing this addon, every mob will find their enemies and allies. For example, a creeper will be good to the players, and the witch will cure almost all the monsters, but will immediately begin to attack the spiders and other enemies. All beings, like fractionation, marked with a certain color or sign.  In their world of Minecraft will not be in peace as before, wherever You went, especially in nighttime, everywhere is raging battles. It all looks like war, and here You will be able to rely on Your green companion.

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