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InventoryTweaks [1.1.0]

This addon will allow You to bring any number of existing blocks and items in Minecraft, playing survival mode. You can be creative inventory. Supplement is quite useful for single mode, but also applicable to multiplayer. In order to protect your server from the presented scheme, make sure that You have downloaded and installed the Anti Cheat (for Realms).

10 Advanced Redstone Creations [1.1.0] [Redstone]

This map includes 10 different advanced Redstone mechanisms. Some of them are important if You need to sort a huge amount of resources. It also demonstrates the brand of a functioning lift, sliding and going to the bridge, a hidden fireplace, and much more. The Redstone is truly the key element for creation of progressive technologies in the familiar world of Minecraft.

Toadstool Castle [1.1.0] [Creative]

Toadstool Castle is quite a popular build, which You could see in the universe "Super Mario". This building was designed based on the game "Super Mario 64". Of course, this is not completely a copy, but the lock is indeed very similar to the original. If You are a fan of Mario, then be sure to learn the room and other attractions. So download and install the map. Immerse yourself in nostalgia for the bright days of our childhood.

RPG Music [1.1.0]

This unfortunately replaces all the melodies familiar Minecraft Pocket Edition on classic medieval music. Now our favorite game will reign atmosphere of the RPG. You will be able to experience the same feelings as when passing "Skyrim". Agree that in Minecraft, riding horses in armor and cool weapons, great to hear the original epic sound instead of old and boring ringtones.

Hospital [1.1.0] [Horror]

You Wake up one day and realize that you were in a strange hospital. All around shabby and gloomy. Of course, You want to quickly get out of here, but how? Take a night vision camera in the trunk and start your adventure on this ill-fated place. Just be careful, You are unlikely to be able to avoid screaming in terror.

Better Fishin’ [1.1.0]

This Supplement was created to ensure that customary fishing in Minecraft brought more fun. Now tasty fish and different underwater things will fall more often. And besides the usual fun stuff you can catch diamonds, iron armor, and everything else. But their catch will not be so easy, so interest in the game and the balance of survival mode will not be affected.

Robots [1.1.0]

We present You an addon which introduces the robot. It is somewhat similar to the famous iron Golem, but the robot is much cooler and stronger! At the moment, of course, functions of the robot a bit, but eventually the updates will fix it. And in addition to the robots there is a cool modern helmet, wearing which You will be able to see the new interface.

Fidget Spinner [16x16] [1.1.0]

Perhaps this package can't lay claim to being one of the most useful in Minecraft Pocket Edition, but it's pretty funny! 
Spinner (in English "Twister") is a small, toy-stress, which is fun to fiddle with. Presents all introduces such a device in our favorite game. When You start to spin, the spinner will spin in your hands.

EverySoundInMCPE [1.1.0] [Redstone]

This map includes several mechanisms that make different sounds from the original version of the game. All designs operate through command blocks, so You can feel free to add other resurface without losing the familiar sound. For convenience, before each music track is a plaque with detailed information. To reproduce the sound, just press the button. Presents creation will be useful for those who like to create adventure maps, and who needs more sounds to give the desired atmosphere.

The Redstone Academy [1.1.0] [Redstone]

The Redstone Academy is a collection of interesting circuit diagrams of red stone that You can easily replicate in their own buildings. These structures facilitate survival and introduce diversity to the game. Because the number of different circuits in Minecraft is almost incalculable: there are computer screens with moving image, and the automatic farm, and challenging rides. Just need to learn the basic principles of construction of electric mechanisms, and this will help You are the card, and then the only thing needed is the imagination and boundless imagination. As the poet said – "be creative, invent, try!"

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