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God Boss [1.0.0]

Divine Boss certainly deserves its name, as its not that easy to kill. Perhaps this is the most difficult boss, which can be found in the world of Minecraft. He has many abilities: flight and teleportation to the ability to emit fire charges. If You manage to kill him in survival mode, let us know. Share in the comments about how You managed to do it!

Santa Mission [1.0.0]

OH, NO! Santa locked in a lab and is now used for evil scientists conducting horrible experiments. Christmas is in danger and only You can save him. Go on an unforgettable adventure in search of Santa and release him from prison. Hurry up, it is necessary to deliver still a lot of gifts, elves can not cope without Santa Claus.

Giga Players [1.0.0]

This addition increases the average player several times. You will be triple-height block, and therefore higher than most creatures in the world of Minecraft. And these dimensions make You more resilient, for example, under water. Another great advantage is that the player will become five times stronger than before.

AquaCreeper [1.0.0]

This addition turns an ordinary guards and senior guards in the Aqua Creeper. You may think that they have similarities with the regular creeper, but it's not. For example, they will not explode like a suicide. Instead, they shoot blasts of fire, which will cause an explosive effect, knocking back and damaging the player.

Mega Mech [1.1.0]

This addon adds a huge mechanical robot that can be controlled by the player. The idea the developers came after watching all the famous movie "Pacific rim". He is a science fiction and talks about a future where the human race manages with giant machines and fight against alien-like sea monsters. The robot is definitely cool because it can fight a war with hostile mobs in the world Minecraft.

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Wyverns [1.0.0]

Wyverns are mythical creatures like winged lizards. They have two legs, therefore are not dragons. This wonderful addon will introduce You to the amazing reptiles, which could fly and defend against hostile mobs. Tame Wyverns, and she will become Your indispensable companion in the familiar world of Minecraft.

Villagerbrine [1.0.0]

Gitelman - the same as Herobrine, but very similar to villager world Minecraft. Yes, the villagers in the world of Minecraft has been infected by Herobrine and went crazy. The developer is aware that Herobrine is just fiction, but it is the best explanation for why people are so freaked out and turned into Gethelpnow. This addition definitely makes villagers much more dangerous, as they will infect more and more people in order to destroy You.

Spinosaurus [1.0.0]

This addon adds a huge Spinosaurus in the familiar world of Minecraft. These prehistoric dinosaurs lived one hundred million years ago. They, as scientists believe, was bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex, what did the Spinosaurus one of the largest carnivores that have ever existed on earth. This addition will allow You to tame your own Dino that will protect You from hostile mobs and to carry wherever you want.

Mine-Gifts [1.0.0]

Surprise your friends wrapped Christmas gifts. How much they will be surprised when these festive boxes will explode as a creeper! But, Hey, not so bad! If you kill an evil present, he'll definitely get some random valuables (acts like a lucky block), for example, diamonds, enchanted books and more.

FNAF Pets [1.1.0]

This addon with bright animatronically "Five nights and Freddy" for Minecraft PE. You can tame the fearsome heroes of the famous game and keep them as Pets. Also there is a sinister boss with which You have to enter the fray . Most of the animatronics gather in groups for protection, and it is never too late to start to attack, if necessary.

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