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Spinosaurus [1.0.0]


This addon adds a huge Spinosaurus in the familiar world of Minecraft. These prehistoric dinosaurs lived one hundred million years ago. They, as scientists believe, was bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex, what did the Spinosaurus one of the largest carnivores that have ever existed on earth. This addition will allow You to tame your own Dino that will protect You from hostile mobs and to carry wherever you want.

Download spinosaurus-resource-pack.mcpack [479,36 Kb] downloaded: 1663 times
Download spinosaurus-behavior-pack.mcpack [428,5 Kb] downloaded: 1489 times
Download last version of Spinosaurus from the official website

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Gallimimus [1.0.0]

Gallien - a dinosaur that roamed the earth millions of years ago. It can be found for the very small eyes, thin body and long tail. This Supplement replaces svinozombi on the ancient reptiles. This mob will be passive and be scared of players and run away from them. However, You will be able to tame gallimimus and ride it, only they don't particularly like.

Mosasaurus and Tylosaurus [1.0.0]

This addon adds two aquatic reptiles: Mosasaurs and Tylosaurus who lived in the time of dinosaurs. Both are fierce marine creatures, so I do water in the world of Minecraft is much more dangerous for those who like to swim. Fortunately, these lizards rarely come across as live only on certain water expanse.

Brachiosaurus [1.0.0]

Brachiosaurus is the most recognizable dinosaur because of its very long neck. If Your eyes ever fell head is located above the tops of the trees, then, most likely, You've stumbled upon the real prehistoric reptile. Brachiosaurus lived about 150 million years ago, but in the world of Minecraft come alive as soon as You download and install this addon, because this addon replaces the usual cows-toadstools in the presented dinosaurs. Brachiosaurus passive and eats only the leaves of the trees, he will never try to hurt anyone, even if attacked from the side, for example, of the player.

Pikachu and Raichuv.1.0.0 [1.0.0]

If You love pokemon, then this is the Supplement for You as it adds in all your favorite Minecraft world the real Pikachu! You had a chance to tame this cute animal and keep it as your companion. Also Pikachu will protect You from any hostile mob in Minecraft, dealing crushing blows.

Dilophosaurus and Oviraptor [1.0.0]

This addon, which adds to the game two dinosaurs: Dilophosaurus and Oviraptor. Both dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Dilophosaurus is the most recognizable because of its rounded ridges on the top of the head. This dinosaur is capable of spitting venom. His ability has never been proven, but it has been shown in films such as "Jurassic Park". Latin name Oviraptor means "aytsekart"" that's why he's going to sneak up behind the chickens and steal their eggs.

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