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RoboCraft [1.2.0]

Four iron block and a pumpkin in this addon turn into a huge battle humanoid robot. Get into it and crush your enemies with missiles and powerful blows in melee. This machine runs fast and jumps high. Is controlled by key-scissors. This is particularly useful terminator and Megatron to fight Iskusiteley.

Super Mario Craft [1.1.0]

This addon replaces the familiar eight mobs world Minecraft the creatures of the universe of the popular game "Super Mario". If You are a fan of Mario, then you will definitely recognize these amazing freaks despite the fact that they look too square. Most creatures will be hostile to the player. The package also introduces a host of interesting items that are worth to indulge. Presented addition make the plunge into the fabulous world and experience brand new emotions, especially in survival mode.

Elemental Witches [1.1.0]

Elemental Witches introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft four new witches. Each of them has unique abilities and incredible strength and endurance. Modified since witches are pretty hard to kill, they were given the status of mini-bosses. The sorceress can summon to his assistants, making the battle difficult, but exciting. Show all your fighting skills.

15 Seconds PixelArt [1.0.5] [Mini game]

15 Seconds PixelArt - logic mini-game that will force you to exercise your memory and attention. She will love all those who love puzzles and construction. You'll find three levels where you can independently change the blocks to your liking. The entire mechanism is automated with Redstone and command blocks, so to play You will only be able to version 1.0.5 and above.

Modern Tools [1.1.3]

This addon introduces to the usual Minecraft world 6 modern of things. They replace stalkerov. Such as a cool computer on which You will be able to buy something for yourself using the search engine MineBay. On the stove the food is cooked faster than in a conventional oven. Also the Supplement allows you to enjoy beautiful furniture that will make Your room much more cozy and comfortable.

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Protective Turrets [1.0.4]

This addon replaces salkera four turrets, each of which has its unique weapons. Turret - a small unit, which is mounted to the firearm, producing a powerful explosive shells. Tower equipped with 360-degree visibility, this means that the gun can turn in any direction and attack hostile mobs. If the turret detects enemy, it will immediately try to eliminate the target. With the addition Your house will be protected like never before.

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God Boss [1.0.0]

Divine Boss certainly deserves its name, as its not that easy to kill. Perhaps this is the most difficult boss, which can be found in the world of Minecraft. He has many abilities: flight and teleportation to the ability to emit fire charges. If You manage to kill him in survival mode, let us know. Share in the comments about how You managed to do it!

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