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Hydra [1.0.0]

Hydra - a serpentine three-headed monster, the killing of which will bring You countless treasures. It's quite a large boss and its not that easy to kill. You should make every effort to use the best fighting techniques, in order to get the coveted diamonds. Just be careful, luck will not help here, any error could decide the outcome of battle in Your favor.

Trade With Villager [1.0.0]

Trading with the villagers is a unique feature that exist in the PC version of Minecraft, but still is not implemented in Pocket Edition. This addon adds the transaction with the village people in our favorite pocket Minecraft. Now, residents will become more useful. They will sell different items depending on their professions, and that means You can buy everything from food to weapons.

Raptors [1.0.0]

The velociraptors in this Supplement can be both good and bad. For domesticated reptiles can move around, they will try to protect You from hostile mobs. In addition, with the help of the lizard, you can open additional inventory, in which you can store anything. This function is very useful if You want to go on a big adventure. If You are interested in dinosaurs or just support the idea of the Raptor manual, then download and install this addon!

Brachiosaurus [1.0.0]

Brachiosaurus is the most recognizable dinosaur because of its very long neck. If Your eyes ever fell head is located above the tops of the trees, then, most likely, You've stumbled upon the real prehistoric reptile. Brachiosaurus lived about 150 million years ago, but in the world of Minecraft come alive as soon as You download and install this addon, because this addon replaces the usual cows-toadstools in the presented dinosaurs. Brachiosaurus passive and eats only the leaves of the trees, he will never try to hurt anyone, even if attacked from the side, for example, of the player.

Rainbows [1.0.0]

This Supplement replaces the usual creeper on a colorful rainbow. There are many different monsters in the world of Minecraft, so the developers decided to change one to something more friendly and really useful. You probably know about the existence of an old legend that goes like this: at the end of the rainbow to find the treasure. This addon give You a chance to find out - true or false!

Doberman Dog [1.0.0]

This Supplement changes the usual wolf in the Doberman, which is a medium-large breed domestic dog. In the world of minecraft pet will be a little more wolf. Doberman is power, so is ideal as a guard dog. He will become your faithful friend in the difficult games adventures.

Thunder Egg v.1.0.0 [1.0.0]

This addon turns an ordinary egg into a destructive weapon that you can summon a countless number of sparkling lightning. Throw a few eggs and immediately from heaven to earth will hit bright and lethal rays! This ability will serve You well in battle against a large group of hostile mobs. If You like to create chaos (preferably in his own world), then this Supplement is for You!

Pikachu and Raichu v.1.0.0 [1.0.0]

If You love pokemon, then this is the Supplement for You as it adds in all your favorite Minecraft world the real Pikachu! You had a chance to tame this cute animal and keep it as your companion. Also Pikachu will protect You from any hostile mob in Minecraft, dealing crushing blows.

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Mega Creeper [1.0.0]

This addition gives the creeper a pretty awesome view, and also supplies him with new abilities. One of the skills include the ability to emit charges of fire, piercing of the player and causing a substantially large explosion. At first glance, Mega Creeper seems pretty funny, so you should not miss the opportunity to laugh at the creature. (It will not blow Your house down...)

Killer Bunny [1.0.0]

Rabbit killer - this addon designed for the PC version of Minecraft that adds the infamous rabbit of Korenica. This animal You could see in the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". In addition, evil is a nice creature - a rabbit who would attack players and try to kill them.

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