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Doctor Husk [1.0.0]

Doctor Husk - addon, adds Dr. in the familiar world of Minecraft. Are you hurt? No problem. The cure You'll do it very quickly. Doctor you are unable to take in a great adventure, but You can always visit the hospital if an emergency arises.

Translations for Minecraft [1.0.0]

Translations for Minecraft has the game translated into 93 different languages. Even those which already existed, were considerably improved to provide a more accurate translation for everything from elements and blocks and ending with the messages in the game. It includes such languages as Swedish, spoken pirate, Lolcat and Vietnamese.

More Jockeys [1.2.0]

This addon significantly increases the number of mobs-riders by adding new combinations that did not previously exist. Hostile mobs (eg creeper) first saddle of the beast, are surrounded, and then begins to attack. In fact, any good player will bring, as monsters thus greatly increase its power.

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Mine-Bombs [1.0.0]

This is a great addition for those who love TNT blocks in Minecraft. The addon adds new possibilities of explosions. Mine-Bombs - one such feature, which allows you to throw TNT blocks. Another great feature is a cannon capable of firing a lighted bombs at enemies.

Snowball Levitation [1.0.0]

This is a very simple addon which gives You ability to levitate in creative mode and in survival. For flight need only snowballs, they need to throw on yourself or the enemy, then the attacked will begin to soar. It's very helpful against enemies, because in flight they will not be able to catch You. With this addition to play in the familiar world of Minecraft will become much easier.

Magic Wand [1.0.0]

This is a really cool addon that replaces the normal bow into a magic wand with a skull. You can use it to control lightning, attacking and burning enemies with a powerful electrical attacks. Since lightning causes a fire, the best material for the buildings will be something heat resistant. Add a little magic to the ordinary world of Minecraft and try it yourself.

Small Dinosaurs [1.0.0]

This Supplement introduces the four new dinosaur. They are not hostile and created only in order to be prey for larger reptiles. And Yes, they eventually will be included in Jurassic Craft Add-on. Presents a separate addon is the latest addition from Gona, because now he's starting to develop new items just for Jurassic Craft project.

Blokkit [1.0.0]

Blokkits - cute blocks in Minecraft, being able to move around. If You find one that can be tamed, it will be very useful. For example, if You suddenly decide to attack, the pet is immediately hurry to Your defense. This addition is very simple, but the developer hopes on the Creator, who must try to improve this addon and make it look like a mod in the PC version of Minecraft.

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T-Rex [1.0.0]

Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) is probably one of the most feared creatures, which you can see if you take a time machine and travel to the Cretaceous period. This addon turns the witch into a terrible lizard. You will be able to tame and ride, also the t-Rex will serve as additional inventory. If You are not indifferent to the Raptor Addon, then submitted the Supplement simply must You enjoy.

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Coordinates Unlocker [1.1.0]

Presented Supplement enters the coordinates to be displayed in the game. Coordinates are the numerical representation of Your current location. This means that it is possible to navigate the world of Minecraft and not get lost. Up to this point to determine the point of the finding was only possible by typing a long text command ( / teleport <username> ~ ~ ~ ). Coordinates Unlocker will make the game much easier.

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