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FNAF Pets [1.1.0]


This addon with bright animatronically "Five nights and Freddy" for Minecraft PE. You can tame the fearsome heroes of the famous game and keep them as Pets. Also there is a sinister boss with which You have to enter the fray . Most of the animatronics gather in groups for protection, and it is never too late to start to attack, if necessary.

Download fnaf-friend-behavior-pack.mcpack [89,89 Kb] downloaded: 445 times
Download fnac-rp2.mcpack [307,12 Kb] downloaded: 238 times
Download fnaf-2-rp2.mcpack [425,79 Kb] downloaded: 181 times
Download fnaf-3-rp2.mcpack [282,17 Kb] downloaded: 181 times
Download fnaf-4-rp.mcpack [567,37 Kb] downloaded: 197 times
Download fnaf-friend-rp.mcpack [307,89 Kb] downloaded: 220 times
Download fnaf-sister-location-rp.mcpack [365,08 Kb] downloaded: 229 times
Download last version of FNAF Pets from the official website

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Five Nights at Freddy’s [1.7.0] [Horror]

Try to survive five nights from 12:00 to 6:00 surrounded by animatronics Freddy, Bonnie, and foxy Chicks. Follow the movements of the monsters on the monitor through the cameras in the pizzeria. Once You discover the animatronics nearby lightning turn the light on and close the door of the room in which You are. But keep in mind, as soon as lamp lights or seen the video on the computer immediately begins to spend electricity. As soon as it ends, "cute" robotic animals overtake You, and then You nesdobrovat. In order to win, will always have to save energy, but nevertheless not to catch the eye of a sinister animatronics. Each time to do it more and more difficult. If You're a fan of the game "5 nights Freddy", then You will definitely enjoy this map! Here are included even the original accompanying sounds that give an eerie atmosphere.

Ores Pets (1.8 Only) [1.7.0]

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This resource pack replaces some of the heads and skulls in the game the heads of the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF). Who does not remember, FNAF is a horror game in which you need to survive in the dark in a building with animatronically. How does it work? All heads can wear and wear and put on the ground. Freddy Fazbear (brown) - Replaces the head of a creeper. Chick (yellow) - Replaces the head of the skeleton. Foxy (red) - replaces the head of the skeleton ischitella. Bonnie (purple) - Replaces the zombie's head. 

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