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Coordinates Unlocker [1.1.0]

Coordinates Unlocker

Presented Supplement enters the coordinates to be displayed in the game. Coordinates are the numerical representation of Your current location. This means that it is possible to navigate the world of Minecraft and not get lost. Up to this point to determine the point of the finding was only possible by typing a long text command ( / teleport <username> ~ ~ ~ ). Coordinates Unlocker will make the game much easier.

Download cordinatesunlocker-1.3.mcpack [131,06 Kb] downloaded: 2923 times
Download last version of Coordinates Unlocker from the official website

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WorldEdit [1.8.0]

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Coords Unlocker [1.2.0]

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unlike other packages coordinate this when testing on Win 10 and on Android, no problems was not given. 
Pointer is located in the lower right corner of the screen and is removed only by the abolition of the addon.

Map Coordinates [1.2.0]

If You think that the coordinates are important in the game, but don't want to see them all the time, You will like this addon. Here you need to create a paper map (paper and compass), and then put it on your hand. Get the map from the inventory and look at the coordinates. Remove the map – coordinates disappear from the screen. Well, it gives the game more realism.

DeletePack Unlocker [1.0.0]

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