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Elemental Friends [1.14.0]

Presented Supplement is based on the Ender Archer Friend Addon. It adds to our usual Minecraft world of unusual characters with whom you can make friends. They are elementals, and each one manages his element, like fire, ice, air. To one of these unique NPS was Your companion and protect You throughout the way, You have to give him what he loves. Fire the guy prefers coal. Ice girl loves snowflakes, and the air - cookies and sweet berries. Meet the elementals in the desert snow biomes and taiga. The addon also introduces the ice spider and the white parrot. Spider you can ride, tame it with snowballs. And the parrot to attack the enemies in the mini shells, so don't make him angry and give him more of the sweet berries.

Villager Agent [1.7.0]

What is the main rule of all zombie movies? Right: infected – he becomes a zombie soldier. But with the advent of this addon mertvogolovye will have hard times. Now bitten by the villagers becomes a formidable sweeper, armed with bows. Before they were just trying to run away and hide, but now everything has changed. They cheerfully cleaned the village from attacking ghouls, then transformirovalsya in normal resident, when the threat will be eliminated.

Angry Animals [1.2.0]

This mod turns an ordinary peaceful mobs in Your opponents. The level of health they remains the same, and strength is small, but if you gather a flock, a trouble. Crowds of angry krasnoglazov chasing You across locations, they look like mutants from zombie movies. Survival becomes much more interesting and challenging, when even a nice chicken wants to eat You, together to do this with cow and sheep.

Ender Horse [1.2.0]

It was a little horse-skeleton horse and zombie. Now invented and Ender horse! It will spawn in the normal game world, has 33 heart health and tamed as a simple horse. It is able to suddenly teleport to a random point. To drive it you need a saddle, and jump height it is capable of 5 blocks.

More Jockeys [1.2.0]

This addon significantly increases the number of mobs-riders by adding new combinations that did not previously exist. Hostile mobs (eg creeper) first saddle of the beast, are surrounded, and then begins to attack. In fact, any good player will bring, as monsters thus greatly increase its power.

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Ender Archer Friend [1.0.0]

This addon turns the usual skeletons in the friendly Ender archers. They look human, but have abilities of the enderman, such as teleportation. With Archer you can befriend and use as a personal bodyguard to protect You from evil monsters in Minecraft. If You often feel alone in their personal world, Ender Archer will be the perfect companion.

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