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Fantasy Creatures Battle [1.0.0]

Fantasy Creatures Battle to replace the four vanilla mobs of Minecraft to battle fantastic creatures. They are all hostile even to each other. If these mobs will intersect, we will immediately begin the battle. Imagine the battle of Goblin, demon warrior, werewolf and a Minotaur. I'd put You?

Crazy Wither [1.0.0]

This addon will make boss ischitella a little crazy, in a good way. Now he looks much less intimidating, and even quite funny. The boss throwing bombs of love that act as health potions. But sometimes he will go to his original evil form and to produce explosive shells, but not as powerful as before.

Wither Storm [1.1.0]

Wither Storm introduces a pretty frightening boss in the form of a tornado with three heads and tentacles. It is 20 times more usual, ischitella and also much more powerful. With such an opponent can be a great to hone your fighting skills and find out how much You are a good soldier. If You have the courage to challenge this evil creature, let us know and share in the comments about Your successes.

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Baymax [1.0.0]

Baymax is a fictional superhero who submitted the addon replaces the iron Golem. To make this robot your companion is not so simple. After creation You will need iron blocks, armor baumaxa (diamond horse armor) and the program (star of hell). Perhaps the complexity of this process will make the game much more interesting. And after the robot becomes Your friend, he will not let You be hurt hostile mobs. Baymax will be an excellent bodyguard-superhero. Every game day, he gives instead of the usual one Golden Apple.

BB-8: A Star Wars [1.0.0]

This addon brings to the game, BB-8 and certain items from the internationally acclaimed film "Star Wars". Charming spherical droid first appeared in the movie "Star wars: the force awakens", and since then has become very popular. It's pretty cute and useful companion who will always remain loyal and faithful to his master. Also the Supplement offers a new space armor and improved weapons. All of this will replace some of the stuff from vanilla Minecraft. If You're a fan of Star wars, then be sure to try out the presented resource.

Mine-Trucks [1.0.0]

Mine-Trucks introduces into your favorite game three trucks of different colors. All of the vehicles are designed in the design of Minecraft. At the moment you can only use them for riding. But the developer will add more features soon, so stay tuned. In any case, this is quite a useful addon for those who are looking for new ways to travel in the familiar world of Minecraft.

War Tank [1.1.0]

War Tank enters the game probably the most realistic tanks of those ever created for the pocket version of Minecraft. The design was taken from a German tank known as the Tiger I. the similarity of the game to the original models are simply amazing. In the presented Supplement the war machine is an incredibly powerful mobile weapon, which in battle can destroy a lot of hostile mobs and players, as well as quite a long time to withstand the onslaught of attacks from the outside.

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DayZ MCPE [1.1.1]

This addon introduces all elements necessary for comfortable survival game is DayZ, which is popular in the PC version of Minecraft. The addition will takes You into a post-apocalyptic period where you can get immense experience by fighting with a crowd of zombies, climbing everywhere. In this case, You can use modern weapons. This game is best played on a multiplayer server, but it also works in single player mode.

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Wizard Magic Balls [1.0.0]

Wizard Magic Balls adds 7 magical spheres in the familiar world of Minecraft. They can throw, causing various unusual phenomena. Some balls are used as weapons against hostile mobs or players, others for healing. Presents addon replaces the rods, which is the only disadvantage of this resource.

No Griefers for Realms [1.0.4]

This addon will be very useful for those who have your own server and really tired of griefers who always something to destroy. Presented Supplement will disable boss ischitella and make useless blocks of TNT and other things than are usually used by the robbers to destroy buildings peaceful players. This resource is bound to be the case, if not to avoid the attack of griefers.

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