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TreeHouse [1.1.0] [Creative]

This card is perfect for those who always wanted to live in a tree, plunged into the wild of the jungle. Feel like a character in the popular movie "Tarzan". Here built quite a lot of houses, so You can invite his friends to live together among tall trees. No build does not include any furniture, so You have to evolve to aboutit their nest.

Fast Change Button [1.1.1]

This resource adds two new buttons on the game interface. They are designed for fast switching slots with different items. This addon can be useful in fights where you need a instant reaction and not a second to lose on the choice of weapons, potions, food, and other. The developer I'm sure is just getting used to such innovation in any battles it will be much easier.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 15-07-2017, 17:00
Reason: Обновление

RPG HUD [16x16] [1.0.0]

This unfortunately introduces the game interface RPG style head-up display (HUD). Here are displayed the characteristics of the character: health, hunger, armor and the availability of oxygen. Also in the window is seen a little avatar, but it is standard and will not change if You change skin. Under the HUD contains Your current coordinates.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 8-02-2017, 21:03
Reason: Обновление

Useless X-Ray [1.0.0]

This package will make some blocks in the world of Minecraft invisible. However, all the ores will remain the same, so they will be easy to detect. Of course, the X-ray is a cheat, but at the same time, the developer believes that it may be useful to those people who want to find interesting seeds. Here are two add-on with different functions.

DeletePack Unlocker [1.0.0]

This addition will allow You to remove the texture packs and add-ons directly in the game. This is one of those features that was supposed to be included in Minecraft PE, but for some reason is missing. However, the resource will all fall into place and facilitate removal of unnecessary packages.

Better Grass [128x128] [1.0.0]

Submitted all the correct design of grass, leaves, flowers and other plant species in the world of Minecraft, giving them a much more realistic look. The change may seem small, but it significantly improves the nature of your favorite games, at least so thinks the developer. If You are not able to install heavy texture packs high resolution, this resource may be useful to You, as it has little weight and great detailed artwork.

Magic Wand [1.0.0]

This is a really cool addon that replaces the normal bow into a magic wand with a skull. You can use it to control lightning, attacking and burning enemies with a powerful electrical attacks. Since lightning causes a fire, the best material for the buildings will be something heat resistant. Add a little magic to the ordinary world of Minecraft and try it yourself.

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