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Peafowl [1.8.0]

Peacocks! Finally this miracle of nature appeared in Minecraft. There are peacocks and paulinyi, there are adults, there are little chickens. This beauty spawns in forests and plains biomes, and, of course, you can get hold of eggs. To breed them is a pleasure, because the floor is only defined on maturing individuals. They have, I must say, quite an interesting animation of hatching from the egg. By the way, all these hot guys know how painfully to peck if You get them banging!

Tigers [1.8.0]

This addon introduces to our familiar world of Minecraft most of these ferocious striped predators. There are only two types: the Malayan tiger and white. They can be found in the forest, oak forests, near riverbanks, and sometimes in the birch forests. White tiger meet is much more complicated than Malay. Adult predators are, naturally, hostile, and should be avoided. Little tiger does not want to fall out of your eyes and run. All of them have fully customized accompanying sounds, and some no animations, over which the developer promises to work to achieve greater realism. Presents online is yet another excellent example of adding creatures and new possibilities with the 1.8 version of Minecraft!

Uganda Knuckles [1.6.0]

Uganda< / span> Knuckles meme, or in other words, caricature Knuckles from the famous animated series and games of Sonic X. This addon introduces this funny creature in our ordinary world of Minecraft. In the wild these wild red creatures will be hostile. However, You will even be able to tame Nacala, but only a little, suggesting something of the following items: sticks, mushroom soup, wheat seeds, bone and sugar. The first time you may fail, but never give up, try again and again. Once You are lucky enough to have Uganda Knuckles position yourself, it will consider You a friend and will protect from all sorts of hostile mobs. And You, in turn, make your faithful pet sticks, mushrooms, wheat seeds, bones, sugar and diamonds to restore health.

Ostrich [1.5.3]

At the event, Minecon Earth 2018 was presented a lot of ideas that I want to implement in the future. For example, entering a game such wonderful birds as ostriches. This adds the submitted addon. Ostrich - a large flightless bird, which in this Supplement will replace the chicken. In the world they are friendly, and if you try to hit them, they will rush to run away with too high speed, so You they will not catch up. The owls only spawn in warm biomes. This feathered mount is able to sit a horse, but to control it You will fail because of the lack of certain features that are soon bound to be corrected by the developer. The model of an ostrich were taken from presentation materials of Maincon. I hope the appearance of this bird in one of the next official Minecraft update.

Panda Bear [1.5.3]

At Minecon 2018 was announced about adding pandas in our ordinary world of Minecraft. This lovely fluffy mob implemented in the framework of the update of the biome of the jungle. And while the developers are preparing to introduce a new product, You can try out the presented addition, which You will not have to wait another day to see the Panda in the game. The addon will replace the usual pigs on black-and-white bears, pleasing the eye with their splendor. They look like the presentation of Minecon, this is only the behavior will be very different due to some limitations. Find the Panda You will be able in most biomes, but most often in the biome of the jungle. These animals are neutral, so if You're angry, hit them, they attack you down and kill You. Feed the bear with bamboo, You will be able to win him over.

Fractured World Addon [1.2.6]

This Supplement includes all of the mobs that were included in map adventures Fractured World. All new mobs have a completely new model and texture. Most of them are quite powerful, and some are even considered bosses, so this is a great option for anyone looking for new challenges in Minecraft. How does it work? Most mobs replace those that were originally found in the Overworld or in the end. This means that they will appear naturally and you will be able to quickly find them in the game.

Full list of new mobs:

  • the Evil cow, Replace cow Health: 40 hearts Damage: 4
  • Stone MiniGolem Replaces Creeper Health: 10 hearts Damage: 8
  • the Mummy Boss Replaces the evoker Health: 140 hearts Types of attacks Call bugs
  • Bugs Replaces Vex Health: 10 hearts Damage: 3
  • Mushroom-spider-boss Replaces spider Health: 60 hearts Damage: 18
  • Cave spider boss Replaces cave spider Health: 100 hearts Damage: 5
  • Demonic boss Replaces Zombie Pigman Health: 10 hearts Damage: 5
  • Replaces Giant parrots parrots Health: 35 hearts Damage: 4
  • Mushroom-monster-boss Replaces the witch Health: 400 hearts Damage: 10
  • Snow Golem the snow Golem Boss Replaces Facial animation Health: 150 hearts Damage: 2 Damage from snow: 5
  • Gorilla replaces the Iron Golem Health: 150 hearts Damage: 20
  • Replaces Snow boss zombie Health: 80 Damage: 3

Blokkit [1.0.0]

Blokkits - cute blocks in Minecraft, being able to move around. If You find one that can be tamed, it will be very useful. For example, if You suddenly decide to attack, the pet is immediately hurry to Your defense. This addition is very simple, but the developer hopes on the Creator, who must try to improve this addon and make it look like a mod in the PC version of Minecraft.

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