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Herobrine’s Everywhere [1.0.0]

This addon turns all the mobs into vicious killers, possessed by Herobrine. Even those who had previously been friendly, for example, cows, rabbits, and now will not be overlooked by players in the hope of killing them. This modification obviously makes survival mode a lot harder and scarier. Has changed not only the manners of creatures, but their eyes, which became white, like Herobrine.

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Mine-Wizard [1.0.4]

This addon introduces a sorcerer who will serve as guardian of the villagers. These mages are very powerful as they can throw explosives and poisonous potions at their enemies, and heal yourself if the fight fail health. The developer conducted an experiment by putting one sorcerer against a huge crowd of angry zombies. The magician dealt with them successfully!

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Cake Mode [1.0.0]

Cake Mode is intended to facilitate the survival mode in the Minecraft world. If You are going to use this Supplement, it is recommended to adjust the difficulty level on easy. From that hostile mobs will become weaker and the chance to kill far more of them. Also the addon will not allow the creeper to explode, and the enderman and angry that You looked at him. The wolf will gain stamina and will be better able to protect You.

PlusMobs [1.0.0]

PlusMobs - introduces a new game modification of the usual mobs Minecraft world. Here You can see the giant zombie kids skeleton and enderman. Also pick up bow mobs such as zombies, svinozombi and skeleton osushiteli. New creatures will gain its own unique characteristics: strength, speed, endurance. Now in the night time variety of monsters will increase, so be careful.

Medieval Mobs [1.0.0]

Replacing the old mobs, this addon introduces a lot of new in the familiar world of Minecraft. Some of them are based on mythical creatures such as giants. Presented in addition all the mobs created in the medieval theme. Here you can see a variety of knights and ordinary people. The addon is really cool, because most creatures have their own unique sounds.

Backstabbers [1.0.0]

This addon turns all hostile mobs the familiar world of Minecraft into traitors. This is not a disadvantage, because now they will kill each other before will be accepted for the player. The Supplement is especially useful when everywhere large crowd of monsters. At such moments, You will have more time in order to avoid the danger and save his life.

Wither Turrets [1.0.0]

Wither Turrets brings into play three different turrets. They can be used to improve the security of Your fortress. Using spawn eggs, place combat towers in different places of the base. If the turret detects any hostile mob, it will start to shoot at him, the heads of ischitella. 

Killer Bats [1.0.0]

This addon turns a harmless bat in a dangerous killing machine. Think of it as a challenge. Try to spawn in a closed room pieces 20-30 of these mobs and see how long You can survive in such conditions. The package presented will be useful for those who want to make dungeons in the familiar world of Minecraft even more dangerous, as it was inhabited by these bats killer.

Useless X-Ray [1.0.0]

This package will make some blocks in the world of Minecraft invisible. However, all the ores will remain the same, so they will be easy to detect. Of course, the X-ray is a cheat, but at the same time, the developer believes that it may be useful to those people who want to find interesting seeds. Here are two add-on with different functions.

Nuke [1.2.0]

Presents addon will transform normal TNT in destructive nuclear bomb. It is better not to play, but it can be useful if You want to make changes to the landscape or to quickly clear the area. The bomb is not quite similar to real nuclear weapons, but it's still very dangerous, so be careful.

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