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Jungle Lab (DanTDM’s Lab) [1.0.0] [Creative]

Here is a huge complex of laboratories, located deep in the jungle. It has four large interconnected rooms, which can be useful if You want to experiment with some new additions or the like. The structure itself is very similar to the lab that looks very similar to the laboratory where The Diamond Minecart writes some of his videos.

Find The Exit [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Find The Exit is a map with many obstacles, which are designed for long keep You in this puzzle. There is a wide variety of mini-games, from fighting monsters to the puzzle. The main objective of the game is to find a way out. But usually it leads to the next level, which should also be complete, and all subsequent.

Hidden Treasure [1.0.0] [Adventure]

Hidden Treasure - a short adventure which tests all Your abilities. And if You be worthy, you will become the owner of the sacred treasure. It's a pretty entertaining card, which consists of three different levels. The developer thinks that these tests are not too hard, and their passing will need an average of 15-20 minutes. Also the developer doesn't want to talk about what will happen in the end, You know yourself.

Simple Redstone 2 [1.0.0] [Redstone]

This map presents about 10 different Redstone mechanisms, and most importantly - all of them very easy to build yourself! Receive inspiration from any built models, You will be able to build the same in their own world. Most machines have the instructions, so make sure that you will be able to translate them.

Simple 2: Lost Temple [1.0.0] [Adventure]

You traveled on an old forgotten island Davao city somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. The reason why You started this journey - precious stones that are in this mysterious place. All wishing to get on the island, waiting for a terrible to consider, and few people back home from there. So You will have to worry about the future.

Egaland [1.0.5] [Creative]

Egaland is a modern city built in Minecraft. City buildings consist mainly of skyscrapers and other large residential facilities. This is a very colorful city with a large variety of colors. There are also different designs that were interesting to visit. Some parts are still under development, but it's still one of the most realistic cities in the game and worth investigating.

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Jurassic Craft World [1.1.0] [Creative]

Welcome to Jurassic world! This is an amazing map for Minecraft Pocket Edition that will allow You to find yourself in a real theme Park with dinosaurs. It also presents many unique attractions, like in the famous film. This card implies the use of supplements "Jurassic Craft" that replaces 11 vanilla mobs to different locations.

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Lava Escape [1.0.0] [Mini game]

You have found the treasure, but it has caused alarm, which, in order to protect the treasure, brought to You bubbling lava. This map offers an interesting test where you have to overcome three different tracks with parkour, while from the ceiling pretty quickly bottled lava. If You're not quick enough, you will die!

4 Fireworks [1.0.0] [Creative]

This map includes four examples of different structures of the fireworks. You can get inspired with this idea and build something similar (or even steeper) in their own worlds. It is time to celebrate the new (and old) year and perhaps this map will help You to do holidays in the world of Minecraft is much brighter.

Epican Republic [1.1.0] [Creative]

Epican Republic consists of two main cities and include hundreds of structures such as country houses, skyscrapers, a stadium and a Church. The developer I like the fact that the map designed in the standard style of Minecraft. The building is very similar to the village buildings of the Inhabitants. The only drawback - everything is built in a flat world, and this means that You, in principle, nothing will be able to visit the main city.

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