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DanTDM’s Lab [1.0.0] [Creative]

DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart) is one of the most famous youtubers, which can record video on Minecraft. This map is an exact copy of the new lab, which Dan used in his let's play, where he was accompanied by Dr. Trayaurus. There is one drawback - the building is located in a flat world, and that means You will not be able to continue their adventures in the map. But the creature is very interesting for research. And like those who is a fan of The Diamond Minecart.

5 Secret Entrances [1.0.0] [Redstone]

It is, indeed, a useful map if You are looking for unique ways of building a hidden door to cover any room from prying eyes. According to Your desire in this resource are five Redstone mechanisms. Study design and try to implement them in their own worlds. You may have to dig a little in the original device, in order to better understand the structure of the mechanism, so be extremely careful.

Sand Scrambler [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Sand Scrambler mini-game where players must escape from avalanches of sand. Each participant is given a flint with which you need to burn the wooden ceilings of an enclosed space. The blocks will disappear, and the sand on top to crumble. The latter, well-established and not choking the player is the winner. This idea was first laid out, and the developer says that it's pretty fun mini-game.

The Ender Elytra [1.0.0] [Map]

This is an amazing map with letroy, including many aerial obstacles. Tests are really hard, especially after the initial levels. All the buildings presented in the resource-themed Edge and look amazing. Overall, this is a difficult mini-game, as there is no status, but traps placed everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled.

Big Game Hunter [1.0.0] [Survival]

This card combined with the addon, which will give the opportunity to try out modern hunting in the normal world of Minecraft. The bow will be replaced with a rifle with accompanying textures and sound accompaniment. Also most of the mobs will turn into wild beasts, such as bears, deer, Buffalo. And here not to do without camouflage hunting equipment. Presented map, really well designed, You will surely have fun.

Caves of Chaos [1.0.0] [Adventure]

You're a knight traveling through the world of Minecraft in search of new assignments and tests. Today You will visit the village, which was a trouble. The majority of citizens were kidnapped and we must find the culprit. Dungeon of Chaos is the main location, where there will be all sorts of events. It offers a variety of puzzles, mysteries. For completion of the mission will take about 10-20 minutes.

Small Olympic Games [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This map includes five different sporting disciplines in which You can compete with your friends. There is everything from archery and swimming. At the end of the game, count the points for each game and see who the real Champ. You really will be able to hone your skills in Minecraft, thanks to this card. Each test is very simple and does not last too long, but can still have a great time.

Medieval Fantasy Inn [1.0.0] [Map]

Here are quite steep and the restaurant, in which you can drop in after a long day of traveling through the game world. The construction is very similar to the place from the popular movie "Lord of the Rings". The building itself looks small but the interior design should be chosen, so the room felt spacious. The map includes a barn, a tavern and a mysterious portal to Hell.

Hilltop House [1.0.0] [Survival]

Hilltop House is a really cool base for those who are going to start the game in survival mode, but doesn't want to bother about the residence. The chests here are empty, so all the rest of the life support will fall on Your hands. You will have to stock up on food if you intend not to die of hunger. The main house is built on top of a hill so it offers a wonderful view of the many gaming biomes.

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