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DelisoJan’s Island Tycoon [1.1.0] [Survival]

If you get on a nice deserted island in the ocean, then with high probability You will become a Robinson Crusoe. Here is what happened. So – what do we have? We have the task to stretch the mind, to solve a few logical questions and gather resources that will allow you to do from the rugged and bare rocks attractive island, which even Peter blood prefer the Barbados government.

Simple BattleShip [1.1.0] [Mini game]

Battleship is to You not jokes. And the first thing to fight in the water battle. To we will build in creative mode. The map is multiplayer, and this means that the enemy will need other players. They, too, build myself a ship, equip it with armor and TNT cannons with the latest technology, and then throw a formidable vessel in the battle. After building ships to be completed, they must be placed in a certain place, and then team enter the battle zone. And we will proceed to the meat!

Simple 3: Forbidden Cave [1.0.0] [Map]

Forbidden Cave is the third part of the series of adventure maps Simple. This time You will go on a great journey to find and slay an ancient dragon, and to have stored his treasure. Along the way You expect a lot of obstacles. Card is undoubtedly very well-researched. Here you can have fun exploring the mysteries of the area.

Simple 2: Lost Temple [1.0.0] [Adventure]

You traveled on an old forgotten island Davao city somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. The reason why You started this journey - precious stones that are in this mysterious place. All wishing to get on the island, waiting for a terrible to consider, and few people back home from there. So You will have to worry about the future.

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