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Santa Story [1.0.0] [Parkour]

Santa will trust You with a mission to find and bring the lost to them, a gift. It would be disastrous if someone will be without a surprise under the tree. To complete this card, you will need to overcome a number of obstacles, which mainly consist of parkour. You will also come across other difficulties, but still this card will appeal to those who really loves to jump. Here You will surely have a good time.

Infected Village [1.0.0] [PVP]

Zombies have taken over the village so all the villagers must put on armor, take up arms and try to defeat these evil creatures until they are completely destroyed the peace of the earth. This map was created for PVP, which requires at least two players. One team consists of zombies and the other players. Are the location worked out very well and has a simple pvp system.

Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave [1.0.0] [Creative]

This map was created based on the popular video games "Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave". The developer believes that this is the best version of the Bat-cave, which only exists for the pocket version of Minecraft. The building really looks like a cave but with a large number of high-tech things, usually found in the headquarters of Batman. This map can please even those who have not played this video game.

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Soccer Game [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Do you love football? Rather then download and install the map. Don't forget to invite your friend to play together, as it requires at least two players (but preferably more). The map contains the addon that turns ordinary zombie soccer ball. Developers have tried over gameplay, so You must like it!

BombWars [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This map includes a simple and fun mini game that requires at least two players but preferably more. This assumes the addon that makes TNT blocks to explode much faster than usual. The goal of this game is to quickly kill opponents with the help of TNT blocks that need to be put on the floor of Redstone. The explosion should cause not so much damage, so you'll have to show the activity and speed in the execution of each action.

TNT Run World [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This map is really, really fun mini-game that can compete with 2-4 players. The aim was to be the last in the arena. It's not so easy, because the earth will disappear from under my feet at the time, when You run in any direction. As the resource is a template world (.mctemplate), this means that You can reset the game whenever you want, and start again effortlessly.

Behind Locked Doors [1.0.0] [Logical]

Kindle your neurons! It will need to ensure that You were able to solve eight intricate puzzles in the world of Minecraft. In most puzzles will have to use Redstone, to include mechanisms and complete the levels. Each stage has its own set of rules, so be sure to carefully read the signs before entering the game.

Gingerbread House [1.0.0] [Creative]

Start your next adventure in this wonderful frosty world. This map is a gingerbread house life size, as well as a Christmas tree and gifts. Around the buildings you can watch the beautiful winter landscape, consisting mainly of snow and ice spikes. You will plunge into the Christmas mood, so probably download and install the map.

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