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Advanced TNT Cannon [1.0.0] [Redstone]

This is an advanced TNT cannon, which will really helpful to increase the protection of Your base. For example, You are going to play TNT wars, then the construction of this machine will be a wonderful idea because it allows TNT charges to fly in eight directions!

Dyltroit City [1.0.0] [Creative]

Dyltroit City includes urban and rural life. Here is one big city, and local roads can result in substantial settlement. On this map You can see several skyscrapers and medium size plants. Almost every structure is unique, and all together they look very cool.

Medieval TNT Wars [1.0.0] [PVP]

TNT Wars is a multiplayer mini-game where the main task is to build cannons and shoot the TNT blocks. To win You must either kill all members of opposing team or destroy their base and bring down the celestial island. It's a pretty time consuming task, but nevertheless very funny!

Spaceflight (Beta) [1.8.0] [Creative]

On this map You can see the International space station, the Hubble space telescope, launch vehicles Saturn 5, Delta 4, as well as spacecraft and towers to launch each rocket. All the buildings have their own interior, which looks very realistic and includes the various mechanisms, devices and other necessary things. This is a very cool map for Minecraft, ideal for the lovers of space or those who just need a theme of NASA.

Lucky Block Race II [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Lucky Block Race - a fun game where you can compete with other players on speed and luck. Here are the brand new race track with blocks-surprises. Run on the road, opening mysterious boxes. If You're lucky - will get something of value, for example, an iron sword, and if not, you risk to start the race first. It is, indeed, a very intriguing game, because no one knows what lies ahead!

The End TNT Wars [1.0.0] [PVP]

The End TNT Wars mini-game where You have to build TNT cannons and then shoot them, destroying the base of the other team. You will be divided into two separate Islands, divided by a huge wall. It is a really fun game that urges to play developer. It will require a few players and team spirit, so make sure that You have communication with all friendly combatants.

Big Tree Man [1.0.0] [PVP]

This is a great arena for battles between the players. This map is very well designed, it is a huge tree, like a man with disheveled hair. Around this giant in the air hanging interconnected Islands. There are certain rules that must be followed. Have fun on this wonderful map!

DisneyPark [1.1.0] [Creative]

This is one of the best theme parks created especially for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which has ever faced the developer. On the map You will find many different rides such as roller coasters, and see the fairy tale castle of Cinderella. No matter whether You were or weren't at Disneyland, the Creator strongly recommends you to visit this creation, because this is a very detailed map and well built.

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Lucky Block Race [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This is a multiplayer map that can be played a maximum of three players simultaneously. The goal is quite simple - run through the field and destroy any block of good luck, which You will encounter. When You destroy them - there is something interesting or terrible! No one will be safe, so this game is very addicting and fun.

Texture Pack Review Map [1.0.0] [Creative]

This map will be useful for those who want to demonstrate the beauty of any texture pack, as the structure includes all the resources and items that exist in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Feature of this map is that the blocks are not simply arranged in a row, and create an atmosphere which looks much steeper than any texture pack.

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