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Jungle Lab (DanTDM’s Lab) [1.0.0] [Creative]

Jungle Lab (DanTDM’s Lab)

Here is a huge complex of laboratories, located deep in the jungle. It has four large interconnected rooms, which can be useful if You want to experiment with some new additions or the like. The structure itself is very similar to the lab that looks very similar to the laboratory where The Diamond Minecart writes some of his videos.

Download jungle-lab.mcworld [8,74 Mb] downloaded: 162 times
Download last version of Jungle Lab (DanTDM’s Lab) from the official website

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The temple of the jungle on the water

Presented in side You will find yourself in a dense jungle. If you fly in the direction indicated, then after about thirty seconds you will be able to reach the Temple. By the way, he is right on the water. If You can get there in survival mode, breaking the tall hills? In the Temple You expect traps and surprises.

DanTDM’s Lab [1.0.0] [Creative]

DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart) is one of the most famous youtubers, which can record video on Minecraft. This map is an exact copy of the new lab, which Dan used in his let's play, where he was accompanied by Dr. Trayaurus. There is one drawback - the building is located in a flat world, and that means You will not be able to continue their adventures in the map. But the creature is very interesting for research. And like those who is a fan of The Diamond Minecart.

The village near the Jungle and the Treasury on the surface

Here is a very cool led, which includes a number of desert villages located on the border of the biome of the jungle. A little further You'll be able to find the treasure, formed on the surface. Typically, such dungeons are underground, so what is presented in this side - a rare phenomenon that is worth to see with my own eyes.

Epic Cliffs in the Jungle

In this side You will appear in the biome of the jungle, covering a distance of 100-150 units. If you walk a little further into the thick forest, you will find lots of epic cliffs and mountain ledges. This is a very difficult kind of terrain, as it is quite difficult to pass, which makes the led very interesting for survival.

Two temples in the jungle near spawn

You will find yourself deep in a huge jungle biome. Near the spawn point you can find two temples are located very close to each other. Here you can find amazing treasures such as diamonds and gold. But remember that the led only works with version 0.15 of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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