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The Last Kingdom: Stonehaven, Swampton & Skrimville [1.1.0] [Creative]

This map provides two separate cities: Swanton and Skripsi, amazing in its scope. It is without a doubt one of the best medieval maps currently available specifically for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Buildings are not just insanely huge, they are incredibly detailed. One of the first visitors of this creation claims that he spent about two hours to fully explore the city. And the developer has spent years building up this magnificence, and the results are amazing. Recommended texture: John Smith Legacy

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Parkour IB 1 [1.0.0] [Parkour]

Parkour IB 1 involves some pretty challenging routes for parkour. The game consists of five levels in total, it may take 20-30 minutes. The problem is quite simple. Use your skills in parkour, carefully jump from one block to another, to eventually overcome all obstacles. Here You wait some tricks. Routes are, indeed, efficiently designed, therefore, to play on this map is a pleasure. Also the Creator has tried over the environment, and it certainly pleases the eye.

Ship Wars [1.0.0] [PVP]

Ship Wars - fun PVP map that requires at least two players. You will be divided into two different floating ship. The goal of the battle is simple - to destroy the ship of the opponent. In battle you can use three different weapons that are included in the addon. Each of them has its explosive power. If You want to restore the arena right in the game, don't forget to download the world template.

Kirio RPG [1.0.0] [Adventure]

Here are the adventure map in the medieval style, includes several different cities, which will have to perform quests. You will play a character named Pico brave warrior, fighting evil. Be vigilant, carefully read the tasks, collect as much information as possible to achieve success. And Yes, this will require knowledge of the English language.
 And why not to learn?

Mansion Village [1.0.0] [Creative]

Mansion Village is a very cool map which can be suitable for  adventure in survival mode. It includes two large mansion and a few houses of cottage type. All the buildings are located close to each other, so not difficult to find them. Interior design homes designed unmatched. Here You will see furniture and decorated in a certain style. Select the home of your dreams and begin the development of your favorite game. The file size is quite large (219 MB).

Black TNT Run: Maze [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Black TNT Run: maze - a maze combined with a run on TNT. You must find the exit without falling down, as the blocks which will take the foot of the player is to disappear. Such conditions obviously cause a lot of difficulties in the passage. If You are feeling professional and looking for something exciting, then this mini game is for You. The developer planned to create a map that includes 7 levels, but currently there are only 5.

Modern Super Mansion [1.0.0] [Map]

This map is an amazing modern mansion, in which you can feel like a millionaire or diamond tycoon Minecraft world. The building looks very realistic. All the furniture in the house we cannot use properly, but it suits the design. Presented card is ideal for all those who dream to have a modern house in survival mode or just looking for inspiration for their own creations.

Treehouse [1.0.0] [Creative]

You have always dreamed about the tree house? The developer has heard Your wish! This map is a very beautiful house in a tree far in the forest. The building has several floors and includes many useful rooms and balconies. You can use them for everything, for example, storage resources or the arrangement of the bed. This map is quite useful for those looking for something cozy and comfortable and doesn't want to bother about the construction of housing.

Sumo! [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Here are the map with a mini-game, designed for two participants. Goal is using his sword to knock your opponent off the Board. It's like sumo wrestling where two strong men pushed each other. But there is a more simplified version. Don't expect everything to become huge, or incredible. It's just a fun little mini-game!

UKS City [1.8.0] [Creative]

UKS City - a city built in a flat world. It includes a large variety of modern houses and many different designs. At one end of the city is a farm with a barn, stables and the like. The UKS entire population of the City consists of inhabitants and iron Golems, which makes the city vibrant and realistic, not empty and dead like the other maps with similar themes. Having examined the submitted city, you can find the idea for creating of a house or other structure.

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