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Simple 2: Lost Temple [1.0.0] [Adventure]

Simple 2: Lost Temple

You traveled on an old forgotten island Davao city somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. The reason why You started this journey - precious stones that are in this mysterious place. All wishing to get on the island, waiting for a terrible to consider, and few people back home from there. So You will have to worry about the future.

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The temple of the jungle on the water

Presented in side You will find yourself in a dense jungle. If you fly in the direction indicated, then after about thirty seconds you will be able to reach the Temple. By the way, he is right on the water. If You can get there in survival mode, breaking the tall hills? In the Temple You expect traps and surprises.

Island Savannah

In this side You find yourself on a small island located in the ocean. But the main attraction is a little further. Look around and You will be able to find one large island. It only includes the savanna biome, which is quite rare in the vast ocean. This is a great led for the rigors of survival.

A big floating island

Here is a huge floating island. On screen you can see how great he is and how high was formed in the air. Most likely, such a place can serve as a great refuge, if You like to play in survival mode. Hostile mobs will be hard to get there. The only monster that should be feared, it is the skeleton. Build your own castle!

A small village on the island

This led will take You to an island far in the ocean. But the real fun is just 100-150 blocks of spawn point is a village on the island. The settlement is located on a small piece of land separated from the place where You appeared, and this phenomenon looks very cool.

Led on a small flat island

Led on a small island which has everything for survival. Wood, animals and even a small pool. The island is half soil and sand. What is under an island and if there is mine is not known, it is necessary to learn you

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