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Lava Escape 2 [1.1.0] [Parkour]

Lava Escape 2 is parkour, entertaining mini-game, which is the most suitable time for beginners jumping. The main task of each level – to reach quickly the end of the track, overcoming all difficulties on the way. If You can do it successfully, you can go to the next stage. However, if you are too long, then You will be overtaken by molten lava!
don't get killed, become faster than the Flash!

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Black TNT Run: Maze [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Black TNT Run: maze - a maze combined with a run on TNT. You must find the exit without falling down, as the blocks which will take the foot of the player is to disappear. Such conditions obviously cause a lot of difficulties in the passage. If You are feeling professional and looking for something exciting, then this mini game is for You. The developer planned to create a map that includes 7 levels, but currently there are only 5.

Lava Escape [1.0.0] [Mini game]

You have found the treasure, but it has caused alarm, which, in order to protect the treasure, brought to You bubbling lava. This map offers an interesting test where you have to overcome three different tracks with parkour, while from the ceiling pretty quickly bottled lava. If You're not quick enough, you will die!

Remember Death 2 [1.0.0] [Logical]

This map includes 8 different logical tasks. Each level has several separate rooms. In the first stage You should try to remember all the blocks, and the second - try to tell the difference between rooms. This is a serious challenge for those who loves puzzles or similar games where you have to focus. The first levels should not cause big problems, but moving further and further, You will experience real trouble.

Remember Death [1.0.0] [Logical]

This is a map-puzzle in which You have to use your brains, solving the test. How good is Your memory? Install this map and find it! There are ten different levels. In each of them You should carefully scrutinize all of the details to remember some points which are then useful on the survey.

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