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Paper Cut-Out [16x16] [1.6.0]

Perhaps You know how to look like a model cut out of paper. Now imagine a Minecraft world that consists entirely of the material presented. The idea is quite unique, and the result should make You happy. This is a simple and high-quality texture pack. Soft colors and very well chosen.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 8-10-2018, 19:48
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Flow’s HD [64x64] [1.0.0]

The HD abundance is an elegant and modern texture pack. Each texture is so precise that gives the world of Minecraft is very bright and joyful colors. Create a luxury interior home or garden with this resource pack. Download, install texture and enjoy the splendor.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 14-04-2017, 21:55
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