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Evil Chest Boss [1.0.0]

This is probably one of the most ridiculous ideas you can encounter in a lot of different Addons for your favorite game Minecraft Pocket Edition. The addition will replace the Golem boss in the form of an evil toothy chest. The monster is hungry and loves diamonds. The chest will attack any player suspected that he may have stashed treasures. In fact, it's hard to hold back the laughter, when You run a walking box, and tries to attack.

ExplosiveLightning [1.0.0]

The purpose of this addon is to give effect to a number of natural disasters. The main change occurred in the lightning. Now they cause an epic explosion, spreading the fire. Such power can lead to forest fires and massive destruction. At risk not only the village but also other structures such as Your house. Such conditions make survival mode much more difficult. Test their capabilities.

UnderTale Friends [1.0.0]

This addon introduces to the world of Minecraft characters from the popular Batman Arkham video games. You have the opportunity to make friends with some creatures and make them his companions in dangerous adventure. Also, You will definitely face with a rather frightening bosses. Go to battle together with Your comrades and win.

FalloutCrafter [1.0.0]

The idea behind the Supplement is taken from the popular game Fallout. The addon will turn the familiar world of Minecraft into a more harsh place to survive. Most of the armor, items, mobs and blocks got updated textures, couched in apocalyptic style. Tame more dogs and embark on a dangerous journey. Build a house so that the room got bloodthirsty monsters. We wish you success.

NoMoreEnderCrystal [1.0.0]

This anti-grief add-on, recommended by the developer to prevent the destruction of Crystal Edges, it is also recommended to combine this resource with the addition of No Griefers. The submitted package will automatically neutralize the crystals Edge, and they never harm the civilian population of Your server.

GTA Street Wars [1.0.0]

This addon introduces to the world of Minecraft a few gangsters from the famous game GTA San Andreas. All the bandits to be hostile to each other and constantly engage in a battle among themselves. Also, for the robbers will be chased by the police. In General, the atmosphere here is tense to the limit. If You ever played GTA, then most likely You will like the presented Supplement.

Wither God [1.0.0]

God modifies the normal Wither boss Ischitella into a monster with incredible power. It is much more dangerous than before, as it can produce a powerful explosive projectiles and cause massive damage, leaving a rather large potholes. God Iskusitel such weapons of mass destruction. Even if You will be in creative mode, the boss will eventually go mad and destroy everything that gets in the eyes. In the battle with the monster you can use any mob as bait.

Instant Ender Pearls [1.0.0]

This resource eliminates a long and tedious flight animation in Pearls of the Region. Now You can instantly teleport to target location. With pearls You will discover the ability for enderman to a rapid movement area. Using the addon that movement through the vast world of Minecraft will become faster and more enjoyable. Also You won't be able to catch any single mob.

Ant World [1.0.0]

Ant World makes all the mobs of the familiar world of Minecraft is much less. Also reduced their health and strength in order to match its size. Actually creatures more ants, but in their eyes You probably will look like a giant and maybe even God.

Chest Pet [1.0.0]

This Supplement will surely appeal to all lovers of adventure. It introduces the living chest, which can be tamed and used as a mobile storage. This unusual pet will pursue You, providing as many as 27 slots for any resource. The addon will also add a live box-trap which should be avoided at any cost. This is an amazing addition for those who want to go to a great journey, having no problems with Luggage.

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